Clen Dosage And Effects

There are different sorts of chemicals used in the body building field and one of them in Clenbutrol.  It is also well known by the name of Clen.  The use and selling of Clen is absolutely illegal.  Its effects are like ephedrine expects it is potent in the body for a day and not just hours.  In the body building field it is used for muscle preservation and fat loss along with side effects.  Once it was used to feed animals to increase the lean muscle mass.  Now it is banned to be sold over the counters, but is one of the popular compounds used in making steroids.  Despite its use is banned it is still used by many athletes and body builders.

 Clenbutrol s stimulatory and is having a really long half life which means it stimulates for much longer.

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How to take Clen?

 It should initially be started 20mcg. After developing a resistance its dosage can be gradually increased. It is also needs to be warned that taking its high dosage is also going to lead to side effects.  No matter what happens one must not use it more than 120 mcg in a day.  Most of the Clen steroids dosage should be taken in the morning hours. This way it will allow your metabolism before sleeping, but still it will be disturbed.

Who should buy?

 If you are interested in playing sports, then first of all you must look for Clen in the banned substance category in your country.  This is due to the fact that if it is illegal in your country you are going to face serious lawful consequences.  The compound is the big brother of the ephedrine and is researched on the animals.  Social use proves that it does work on humans but can cause side effects due to the fact that humans and animal’s species varies a lot.

  What Clen is used for?

 There are several studies made on the use of Clen.   It is a well known fat burner and its influence is much better than any other fat burner.

  • It can also increase the protein synthesis in the muscles
  • Power output is also increased with the use of Clen
  • In case the intake is monores per dimagrire dosi of Clen muscles also starts breaking down

There are so many effects of the Clen use and it is still being used in the sports and body building industry. Actually there are much safer alternatives available in the market these days. Crazy bulk like body building supplement manufactures has designed the anabolic version of the synthetic Clen which is much safer and also less restful.  There are many people who are turning to anabolic androgenic supplements to get the effects of the real steroids, but without suffering from any side effects. These brands are easy to find online, but not available in the retail stores.  You can check them online nada los order them along with discounts.

Nandrolone worst effects

Nandrolone worst effects

DecaDurabolin is one of the potent drugs in the list of steroids used for body building purposes. It also has many other benefits such as increasing the strength and power. It gives a positive output on the workout repairs and joint pain if any. It also works on the protein synthesis and helps in cutting cycles. But we should not forget the many side effects of the drug which can be ranged from mild to potentially life-threatening ones if not dealt well. It is an anabolic steroid with Nandrolone as its base. Decanoate ester is also attached to it. The common side effects can be deepening of the voice and unwanted hair growth.

How does it work?

Esters are used in the anabolic steroids to regulate the absorption in the blood stream and influence the activity of the drug including the half-life. It is a combination of the male hormone called as testosterone and is synthetically created. This suppresses the natural production and can lead to many sexual characteristics changes as well. It has been banned in the US and many parts of the world. But the body builders and athletes are so used to its effects that they are not ready to leave its consumption. They do not look at the side effects of the steroid and consume it to get the desired results. This is a wrong practice which shows its effects in the long run. Depening of the voice and unwanted hair growth is a common side effect and very difficult for women who consume it. The dosage should be checked to know the real effects of the drug. You should keep in touch with your medical practitioner so that the effects can be reversed if required. This process should be done immediately else it can be irreversible as well in some cases.

Nandrolone worst effectsThere are many supplements and substitutes for DecaDurabolin and Nandrolone which are available in the market. They are not the purest form of the drug but have similar effects on the body eliminating the side effects. It helps in the protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and red blood cell production to give huge strengths and gains on muscles. If you suffer from sore joints and aching muscles, then it can give a relief to such issues as well. Nandrolone has been the lowest in side effects but it all depends on the user and the dosage that they consume. Also, the body metabolism is a concern for many users. The effects are all linked to such parameters and one should take care of it in depth. It can also have the same effect if the drug is stacked with some other steroid without knowing the effects.

It is not easily available from the stores without a prescription and should be used with a caution. The most potential life threatening side effects can be as follows:

  • Calcium is increased at an alarming rate in the body.
  • Skin thickening
  • Prostate gland increment leading to cancer
  • Leukemia risks
  • Disease related to Liver
  • Prostate enlargement

All such can be a huge cause of concern for the user if not taken care off well in advance.

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