Having a basic idea about the installation of the shower head will lead to the quickest and the cheapest makeover of the bathroom and will lead to the renovation of the bathroom. It can be said the best shortcut used by the renters or the apartment owners. the installation rather changing of the shower head is an easy process as it comes with a handy manual .once the instruction is followed it can be done by yourself without the requirement of any professional mechanics. Thereby it can be said as the easiest way to remodel your bathrooms.


If you are a beginner in this works then the following tools and techniques are used to install a shower head.check them before you are about to start the process.

  1. A caulk or a putty better to be a plumber one.
  2. A pipe wrench.
  3. A desired new shower head of your own.
  4. A thread seal tape.
  5. A shower arm to hold the new shower head . it may be your choice or can be kept as optional.


If you are a beginner at this work or willing to do on your own, its perfect initiative. But before you crack your head up regarding the method. It is an easy and quick step for a installation. Have a look at it.

STEP-1: By using a wrench or strap wrench the old shower is turned in a clockwise manner and thereby the old shower head is removed. if you are willing to keep the old shower head with no damage then it is preferable to use a wrench strap. If there is an absence of strap wrench then you have another option of using a rag which is placed between the pliers and the nut that connects the shower head.

STEP-2:- The second step initiates by the onset of cleaning the threads on the shower arm on a vigorous manner .the cleaning is done due to remove the deposited mineral on the shower arm .you can use a soap or a liquid detergent and with an old toothbrush.

STEP-3:- After cleaning the shower arm thread a new tape is wrapped around by 4 to 6 times. The clockwise direction is preferred to wrap the tape. It is followed by using a finger to submerge the tap into the threads.

STEP-4:- Now its time to unbox the new shower head and see the detailing. If there is a presence of a rubber washer then adjust it to the shower arm connecting nut and lastly press it a bit flat.

STEP-5:- Now time to screw the new shower head to the shower arm but in a slow manner taking care of the thread as it should not be allowed to cross in between.  After this for a finishing touch with the help of a strap wrench tighten the shower head connecting nut by a quarter turn.

STEP-6:- Once of the above-mentioned steps are followed then lift the shower on for checking the water leakage. if it goes perfectly without any defect or leakage, you end up your work just like a professional does.

To conclude, the above-mentioned steps if followed by a greater concern you don’t require to hire a mechanic thereby a money-saving process. The best option to get all the best choices is to have a quick glance about the features of the products at http://www.harneymfg.com/bathroom-accessories-fittings/shower-head/. On the basis of your budget and your priorities of buying shower heads be it a simple one or with multiple shower pattern or with power jets or with a lavish spa feature, whatever you choose just go through the installation process and you end up doing yourself. All you need to go through the article and try doing the installation yourself.


Looking for unique workspaces? Trust bridgeworks!

It is often seen that people who are going to start new businesses or relocate their office waste so much of their precious time and energy looking for perfect office spaces. The role of office space in the success of a business cannot be ignored. Hence, people usually take great time to decide where to set their office. With Bridgeworks office spaces, you no more have to waste your time commuting as we serve in a wide range of area. https://bridgeworkslongbeach.com/meeting-rooms/ has the solution for all your business needs no matter what your business is. We believe in keeping pace with time and this is the reason why all our office spaces are designed non-traditionally to meet the modern business needs. Times have changed and so have the businesses. Today, a business relies on latest technologies and innovations to beat the competition. We provide office spaces which comes with an array of modern amenities that help you impress your clients and grow your business.

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Before you think of leasing an office space, dig a little deeper into us. We are based in Long Beach, NY and serve in the areas of Atlantic Beach, Island Park, Long Beach, Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, Oceanside, Mineola. This will help you save a lot of time that you waste on commutation. This will help you save approximately 2 hours each day. We value your hard-earned money and offer our services at a very reasonable cost. Regular office leases will cost you extra charges on Wi-Fi, ink, paper, furniture etc. This will only add to your financial burden. But unlike regular office leases, we provide non-traditional office leases which are all month to month membership to our space. At Bridgeworks, we take care of all other amenities so that you only pay our flexible membership fees.


The Freedom to Choose!

As far as office spaces are concerned, the requirements vary from person to person. Bridgeworks office spaces are designed to meet everyone’s needs. One has the freedom to choose the type of office space and the duration for which it is needed. This is something which is offered very rarely. The freedom to choose according to one’s needs is something which matters the most for people looking for workspaces. Depending on the type of business and its needs, we offer the following types of office spaces-

  • Single person private offices
  • Multiple person offices
  • Executive suites
  • Modern glass offices
  • Sound-proofed offices

All our offices are fully furnished, 24/7 accessible and rentable by days, weeks or months. Office spaces should be such that it sets the right mood to work. When the ambiance is good, you and your team members can perform well. With Bridgeworks office spaces, one can be completely comfortable at work. With a number of perks that comes with it, your business is guaranteed to grow and expand. Visit https://bridgeworkslongbeach.com/meeting-rooms/ to know more about the membership details and the services offered. Contact us and book a tour now.

Top Tips for Netball Shooting Accuracy

If you want to improve your netball skills, shooting skills in particular, it will require a lot of practice and dedication. You’ll need patience and perseverance to truly master the technique of accurate and consistent shooting. This is especially important for those who play in the positions of Goal Attack and Goal Shooter. Here are some tips to help you with your netball shooting skills:

Practice makes perfect

Yes, it might sound like a cliché, but practice really is the key. The only effective way to boost your success rate is through training. Whether you attend practice early or stay late or choose to practice on your own at home – aim to spend around 15 minutes a day extra on developing these skills. Soon muscle memory will kick in and you’ll be able to react quickly without thinking during pressurised match conditions. For help with all netball skills training, check out Netball Training drill videos at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Netball/drills.jsp

Take it slow

3 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time to make that shot but once you have trained for this, 3 seconds is plenty of time for you to get into position, react quickly and aim on target. When you begin training take it slow to start and focus on accuracy and muscle memory training. You’ll soon find that in game conditions, this small amount of time is ample.

Where to focus

Try to ignore your opposing marker and learn how to zone into the shot. Focus on the back section of the hoop to increase your chances of being on target for the goal. Practice controlling the direction of the ball using your arms, wrists and fingers.


Your grip plays a large part in how well you succeed. The hand that does the shooting needs lift, power and spin whilst your other hand should play a supporting role and helping with aim. Holding the ball with the fingertips of your shooting hand, try to give the ball a little spin backwards with a wrist flick.


Practicing your stance can really help improve your game performance. Stand with your knees bent about a shoulder width apart, keeping good balance and good grip while shooting. The power behind the shot comes from how steady your legs are and that they are bent nicely. Allow yourself the chance to straighten out your arms and knees before you take the shot. Ideally, your body should be fully extended on taking the shot.


The importance of putting a little back spin on the ball is that should your shot miss, the ball should rebound back towards you. Once you have released the shot, follow it and get it back, attempting another shot on goal from the rebound. Giving yourself plenty of opportunities like these, you’re bound to score!

How to Buy a Mattress - A Buying Guide For Beginners

How to Buy a Mattress – A Buying Guide For Beginners

All that requires for comfortable sleep is the comfortable mattress. If you are searching for comfortable bed that can provide comfortable sleep then you have many manufacturers that providing wide range of mattresses. If you like to have the best way that is not very expensive and provides the best sleeping experience then it is mattress toppers. From the wide range of toppers the better option is the internet that can help you selecting the right type of topper. You can logon to the internet and visit the website that is having these mattress toppers. In that site you can read this blog post that is having the perfect view and reviews of each toppers. The mattress toppers are the ultimate products that are very much providing people to have healthy life. Any type of topper is perfect for everyone. It can be used by kids, teens, old aged people or any adult.

read this blog post

In the website you can see that read this blog post will have the right type of information of all the mattress toppers. There is different foam in mattress toppers. You can have single, twin, double, queen, king sizes and many more. All these mattress toppers have different features from each other. There are different sizes available. You can have different types of thickness to select from. It will be comfortable and affordable. If you buy any of these mattress toppers from online then you can have good discount offers. There are stores online that are selling topers with lot of discounts. You have the opportunity to save lot of money. You can have this mattress topper is when you have a good bed and is too firm. It helps in softening the bed. It is useful for those people that are suffering from allergies. It is useful for those that are seeking to relieve back pain.

There are lot more benefits that you can have from mattress topper. It improves blood circulation since they conform to the human body, helping you to enjoy your sleep, making you feel you refreshed, it can mold your body and when you get off the foam it will gradually go back to its original shape, The material that used for making toppers are temperature reactive, made with a vinyl knit barrier on the bottom part that gives waterproof protection, waterproof shield is available in multiple colors for style like green, blue, yellow, tan and pink, helps decrease your pains and aches, gives you the right amount of comfort to assist you to fall asleep quicker, has ability to support particular orthopedic problems and is beneficial from all types of back pains. All these mattress toppers are coming with warranty. It is sure that this long lasting product will let you have healthy life and relax your mind and body.


A Few Tips in Choosing a Good Quality Antifungal Cream

At some point, if not controlled, fungal infection can be very hard to deal with. It could become a struggle for a normal person who suffers in it. Aside from being very itchy, it could get inflamed and infected if not taken care of right away.

It could be an athlete’s foot, toenail fungus or a jock itch which all has in common; these are all very uncomfortable and often times can be very gross and embarrassing. However, fungal infection is something not to be afraid of, almost all humans in the world experienced having this once in their lifetime and it is completely curable thanks to antifungal creams, powders, sprays and ointments that are used to treat and prevent fungal infections from coming back.

However, with the vast number of antifungal infection brands in the market today, it could also be a pretty hard task to find which of these has honest to goodness reputation. Let’s read through this article in how to determine a good quality antifungal cream that will help you in treating fungal infections.


Choosing or selecting the right and appropriate antifungal cream is important to treat your fungal infection and also help your skin recover from the infection. You should select an antifungal cream or other forms of treatment that is made from natural ingredients just like Fungalor and not those that are made from strong chemicals because using the latter might cause more harm than good to your skin. It could cause irritation and could worsen your infection if it is not used properly unlike natural ingredients which don’t have side effects at all.

It is pretty easy to determine if an antifungal cream or sprays or ointments that are made from natural ingredients, just take at a look at its label and the back portion of its where the ingredients are written. Also, the packaging of the antifungal cream also has labels boasting its natural ingredients with claims to be safe for the skin.

Natural ingredients such as L-Lysine, emu oil and tea tree oil which are used in soothing and treating different kinds of skin diseases are mainly used in natural antifungal creams. You should avoid antifungal creams that have corticosteroids which is harmful to the skin.

Aside from choosing, an all natural antifungal cream, you should also choose the one that can treat many kinds of fungal infections and conditions. A lot of people buy different antifungal creams for different fungal infections but experts say, you can use a single antifungal cream that can treat all your problems because its main ingredients are all still made to battle and cure fungal infections.