7 Things You Need To Know About Geo Contact Lenses For Daily Use

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The idea of ​​wearing a pair of geo contact lenses is fantastic. With lenses, you no longer have to bear the burden of wearing these heavy lenses, your appearance is natural, and, most importantly, you can feel the world with the naked eye. So, whether it is a power lens or a pair of geo contact lenses, wearing glasses is great!

Uncover the 7 most important things you need to know about using geo contact lenses. 

  1. Cleaning is a priority:

A pair of geo contact lenses that you wear for your eyes cannot live without cleaning. Simple habits such as washing hands before using glasses, no scratches on the cornea, eye protection from germs, avoiding glasses during swimming / sleeping / bathing, etc. They can be the best cleaning goal.

  1. Keep your eyes and lenses free from allergies:

Microbial inflammation in the eyes (known as keratitis) can cause corneal damage in the worst possible way. This can lead to permanent blindness and the need for corneal transplantation. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep your eyes and lenses free from allergies.

  1. Avoid using water with lenses:

Most people have the habit of washing lenses (when worn) and a lens case with water. The use of water can change the shape, shape and size of the lenses, which adversely affects the functionality of the contact, making the infection susceptible to germs. The idea is that the lenses do not come into contact with water.

  1. Improper use of solutions for lenses:

The solution for lenses with an overestimated execution period is extremely dangerous for your eyes and lenses. As already mentioned, this can directly affect the sensitivity of the lenses, causing unwanted microbes in them. In addition, if you mix the old solution with a new one, even in this case the disinfectant may lose the effectiveness of the lenses.

  1. Wearing glasses even at odd hours:

In any case, you should not increase the use of your geo lenses to more than 8 hours per day. Wearing glasses while sleeping can damage your eyes. This can cause redness, allergies and infections, and  geo contact lenses sticking to your eyes. Plan on using your lens and go for quick spins with glasses.

  1. Change your decision daily:

Even if you do not use your contact daily, let them breathe, changing the decision daily. If you use one-day disposable lenses, you can allow yourself to be lazy, because the lenses are designed for one-time use only. But if you wear other lenses, choose a cleaning and you can buy geo lenses here with ease.

  1. Stop using too many of your hands:

You use your lens and try to adjust it with dirty hands, now it’s a dirty habit! Make sure you wash your hands or use a disinfectant before touching your eyes or glasses. Unwashed hands can leave unwanted marks on the contact surface, weaken the lens and cause a bacterial infection in the eyes.

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