A Complete Marketplace Enabler Singapore Management Services To Suit Your Needs.

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Increase your online presence but struggling with inexperience, you have come to the right place for marketplace enabler singapore. Learn more about managing your eCommerce platform. NPN is here to support the clients with the online store management services in Singapore. Before launching an online e-commerce store, there are certain aspects to consider as part of your business strategy. They range from technology, marketing, finance, customer service to finance and management. NPN has all these aspects and more. Together with the N-Ecomm solution, it enables companies to create, market and maintain their e-commerce stores, streamlining the process of effective retail presence management.

About them

Since 2009, NPN has combined digital products and services with a vision to redefine retail, enabling continuous interaction between retailers, suppliers and end-users, and they have built an end-user-centric retail ecosystem. They just started our journey by issuing business cards from point-of-sale devices. Gradually, it includes more than 300 different products in different categories. At the same time, they started selling digital and physical products on our e-commerce platform. Discovering e-commerce growth trends, coupled with the experience, led to the launch of retail solutions such as N-Ecomm, Go Online and N-Egift.

marketplace enabler singapore


They offer a wide range of services through online store management solutions. They range from design, product listing, customer support, IT support, data mining, reporting to a comprehensive 7-step support process. This process includes:

  1. Product diagnosis
  2. Opening
  3. Trade equipment
  4. Product list
  5. Advertising Program
  6. Comments and Feedback
  7. Regular maintenance and adjustment

Take advantage of e-commerce opportunities

Today, e-commerce stores have largely replaced traditional brick-and-mortar stores as the preferred shopping option for many consumers. Whether you are a startup or a well-known brand, your business will benefit from an online store. NPN eCommerce Store Management Services enables you to create flexible solutions for your business and customers in Singapore.

NPN can help you by providing this

  • Draft
    • Visual planning
    • Store Design
    • Product List Target
    • Advertising Design
  • Shopping list
    • SKU list management
    • Product category
    • Online shop maintenance
    • Customer service
    • Corresponding to customers
  • Require
    • Damage management
    • Solve after-sales problems
    • IT support
    • API integration
    • Order management
  • Get
    • Record campaign events
    • Advertising plan
    • Enter your advertising plan,
    • Discounts and Coupons
  • Data report
    • Sales report
    • Platform activity data
    • Customize specific reports

The online store allows customers to buy products from the comfort of their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of geography. Additionally, an online store allows you to grow your business as it grows and meet the needs of your customers and the market. Start your marketplace enabler Singapore strategy with NPN! Contact them today

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