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Having a basic idea about the installation of the shower head will lead to the quickest and the cheapest makeover of the bathroom and will lead to the renovation of the bathroom. It can be said the best shortcut used by the renters or the apartment owners. the installation rather changing of the shower head is an easy process as it comes with a handy manual .once the instruction is followed it can be done by yourself without the requirement of any professional mechanics. Thereby it can be said as the easiest way to remodel your bathrooms.


If you are a beginner in this works then the following tools and techniques are used to install a shower head.check them before you are about to start the process.

  1. A caulk or a putty better to be a plumber one.
  2. A pipe wrench.
  3. A desired new shower head of your own.
  4. A thread seal tape.
  5. A shower arm to hold the new shower head . it may be your choice or can be kept as optional.


If you are a beginner at this work or willing to do on your own, its perfect initiative. But before you crack your head up regarding the method. It is an easy and quick step for a installation. Have a look at it.

STEP-1: By using a wrench or strap wrench the old shower is turned in a clockwise manner and thereby the old shower head is removed. if you are willing to keep the old shower head with no damage then it is preferable to use a wrench strap. If there is an absence of strap wrench then you have another option of using a rag which is placed between the pliers and the nut that connects the shower head.

STEP-2:- The second step initiates by the onset of cleaning the threads on the shower arm on a vigorous manner .the cleaning is done due to remove the deposited mineral on the shower arm .you can use a soap or a liquid detergent and with an old toothbrush.

STEP-3:- After cleaning the shower arm thread a new tape is wrapped around by 4 to 6 times. The clockwise direction is preferred to wrap the tape. It is followed by using a finger to submerge the tap into the threads.

STEP-4:- Now its time to unbox the new shower head and see the detailing. If there is a presence of a rubber washer then adjust it to the shower arm connecting nut and lastly press it a bit flat.

STEP-5:- Now time to screw the new shower head to the shower arm but in a slow manner taking care of the thread as it should not be allowed to cross in between.  After this for a finishing touch with the help of a strap wrench tighten the shower head connecting nut by a quarter turn.

STEP-6:- Once of the above-mentioned steps are followed then lift the shower on for checking the water leakage. if it goes perfectly without any defect or leakage, you end up your work just like a professional does.

To conclude, the above-mentioned steps if followed by a greater concern you don’t require to hire a mechanic thereby a money-saving process. The best option to get all the best choices is to have a quick glance about the features of the products at http://www.harneymfg.com/bathroom-accessories-fittings/shower-head/. On the basis of your budget and your priorities of buying shower heads be it a simple one or with multiple shower pattern or with power jets or with a lavish spa feature, whatever you choose just go through the installation process and you end up doing yourself. All you need to go through the article and try doing the installation yourself.

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