A Guide To The Types Of Paint Sprayers

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Spray painting is the technique where a device sprays the paint through the air onto a surface. This consists of compressed gas – generally air – to atomize and direct paint particles on the work plane. This technique has evolved from airbrushes. This technique has proven to be much more convenient and easy to use when compared to the traditional painting methods. Air guns, either hand-held or an automated device, could be easily used on site paint spraying for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

There are various types of paint sprayers considering the different preferences of the professionals and amateurs. Here are a few mainstream types of sprayers:

Airless paint sprayers

Airless paint sprayers require a lot of pressure to atomize the paint in order to push it out through the cranium of the equipment to form tiny misty droplets. These tiny droplets must shape an even pattern in order to finish smoothly onto the work surface. The main deal is the speed while using an airless sprayer because a huge project has to be finished in a very short amount of time. Hence, both speed and pressure play an important factor while this procedure.

High volume low-pressure paint sprayers

The high volume low-pressure paint sprayers are the complete opposite of the airless sprayers. Though HVLP sprayers also atomize the paint, but instead of using a lot of pressure, this system minimizes the pressure in order to produce higher volumes. This type of airbrushing isn’t used to paint a room or a building, but one could use it to paint the furniture, cabinets, and much more. These sprayers provide a beautiful, flawless finish to the surface.

on site paint spraying

Gravity feed spray guns

The gravity feed spray gun is an equipment designed for producing a lush finish. They are used to produce several different sprays on the surface. It requires less pressure than the high volume low-pressure sprayers. The final outcome of these spray guns is of extreme precision. These are best suited for painting cars.

Compressed air painters

The compressed air paint sprayer generally requires only a spray gun and an air compressor with low volume and low pressure. This is a very simple setup; therefore, even amateurs could use it easily and without much hassle.

Low volume low-pressure paint sprayers

The low volume low-pressure paint sprayers are affordable and easy to use. They link value with quality and offer a good painting experience altogether. These sprayers are cheaper than those expensive industrial sized ones. They are best suited for storage and for a person attempting a DIY. These help in painting large spaces with much more ease. Many a times, they are even used for commercial on site paint spraying purposes for final finishing touches.

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