All You Need To Know About Different Necklace Designs

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Necklaces are significant accessories that can change the way you look. There are many different necklace design and sizes, ranging from pendants and chains to gemstones and lockets. In addition to being purchased on special events like special occasions such as birthdays, women are increasingly buying these timeless designs for their jewelry necklace collections.

What Kinds of Necklaces Are There?

  • Riviere

A riviera necklace is a string of precious or semi-precious stones that have been graduated in size smoothly or with similar sizes. They complement strapless or V-neck dresses and are often between 14 and 16″ long. These necklaces, which lack a focal embellishment, are a chic and sophisticated option to dress up your ensemble for cocktail events.

  • Festoon

The term “festoon necklace” refers to a garland or wreath made of braided flowers, leaves, and twigs and has its origins in ancient Greece. The Festoon Necklace is unique due to its draping elements. Precious metals, gems, and pearls are typically paired with intricate chains.

  • Negligee

The length of the droplets or tassels on the negligee necklace are asymmetrical, giving it its name. To add some elegance to the glitz, wear these ethereal necklaces with shimmering clothing. A negligee necklace is appropriate with off-the-shoulder and sweetheart necklines.

  • Collar

Turtlenecks, V-necks, boat necks, and even off-the-shoulder tops look great with the collar necklace. Since collar necklaces fit around your neck in a similar way to a crew neck t-shirt, they are frequently referred to as crew necklaces. The length of these necklaces is often a little bit shorter than choker necklaces. Typically, collar necklaces are 12 to 13 inches long.

  • Graduated

A single-strand necklace with different-sized beads, such as pearls, is called a graded necklace. The beads get smaller and smaller as you go back, with the larger beads being in the middle. The beads start small at the clasp and get bigger as they dangle from your neck. Pearl necklaces frequently use graduated beads.

  • Chain

The most basic and adaptable type of necklace is a chain. Chain necklaces are ideal for everyday use and go well with formal attire as well as beautiful tiny dresses. They also flatter all necklines and come in different lengths and metals.

If you’re celebrating a big occasion, a designer necklace can be a wonderful choice. The necklace will serve as a reminder of the momentous occasion. If you’re looking for a present that demonstrates your care, something a lady can wear every day would be a better option.

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