An Underground Foodie Tour of Bangkok City

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Since Michelin released its guide for Bangkok, a lot of fine dining restaurants in the city have been getting a lot of attention. But everyone knows that the city is known for its underground food scene and hidden gems tucked away in the Thai capital’s network of alleys and side streets. The city’s food scene is also diversifying and has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re feeling adventurous or want a taste of back home. Let us take you on a tour of some of Bangkok’s best-hidden foodie gems.

Floral Cafe

Floral Cafe is a must stop if you want to have an authentic Thai experience in a nice setting. The cafe is located in a flower market deep in the middle of the Old Town, which doubles as a beautiful hidden garden. Decorated with crystal chandeliers, exposed brick walls, and lush hanging bouquets, Floral Cafe is the perfect spot for a romantic date night or if you want to while the hours away with friends.


When it comes to underground spots, it doesn’t get more underground then Jiw. If it wasn’t for the two giant metal pots used for cooking chicken curry and yellow rice, you’d have no idea there was a restaurant there. The restaurant is below street level and only has two dimly lit tables. Still, hundreds of locals flock to the restaurant every day to taste their Thai style chicken biryani, which has a rich mix of sweet and savory flavors. A must stop for anyone who isn’t afraid of trying something new. But make sure to come in before noon since they often run out of food by then.

Ibis Bangkok Riverside Buffet

If you’re a big buffet fan and are looking for a great Bangkok buffet dinner, you could also try the Bangkok Riverside Buffet at the Ibis hotel. You’ll have the chance to eat limitless grilled meats and a variety of local and international dishes with the beautiful Chao Phraya River as a backdrop. This is a great spot for the whole family or for couples as well.

If you’re seafood lover, we suggest you drop by on Saturdays and Thursdays between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm for the crab feed. They offer an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet with everything from mussels, oysters, shrimps and a variety of seafood dishes, all for under $30. If you’re looking for bang for your buck, you won’t find better value than the Bangkok Riverside Buffet.


Sam-Rub is located in a nice wood-paneled house decorated with retro paraphernalia and vintage Thai furniture and is the closest to having a Thai grandma cooking for you that you’ll ever get. The restaurant features unique old family recipes like their authentic Thai basil chicken with crispy pork belly and their sweet pork with curry fried rice.


Bangkok is the ultimate foodie paradise and you’ll find something new at every corner. Don’t be afraid to explore the city’s backstreet labyrinths and side alleys; you never know what kind of discovery you could make.

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