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Watching the favourite movies and series will provide good entertainment experience. Nowadays, watching movies online are preferred by many people as the internet facilities are increased in an abundant manner. But choosing the best website is more important for the viewers. putlocker is a popular website which offers many facilities and has millions of viewers on a day. It provides many numbers of movies and series with a greater speed which can be easily accessed by the viewers. This site uses a new proxy to unblock and download the blocked contents in a safer way. As this website copyright many contents of other users, a proxy server is used to copy the contents from one device’s server to the other.

The legal way to unblock the contents available on the internet:

Putlocker proxy is a cloned website which has the ability to bring the same content as in the original content. This site is maintained by the workers of the putlockers from which the users can access the contents with the alternate domain. This site provides the updated contents to the main website. Thus it is used to unblock the copyrighted materials. This server is categorized on the geographical location, quality of the movie and speed of the internet. It is more compatible as this can be connected to the mobile, tablet and desktops easily. Even the app is available to avoid running behind the proxy with a friendly interface. The backend process of the app is maintained by the technical workers. Using this app the movies can also be downloaded in other sites.

Standard services and facilities to impress people with developed technology:

With the extra-torrent sites, putlockers offers many facilities to impress the viewers. Due to the legal battle in the website, the government has banned the site. But with the hard work and technical works, they continue to impress the people with the mirror sites. Using this mirror site, viewers can access the content from many different places in the world. They are functional at all the corners of the world. To gain better security purpose, the putlocker website uses the VPN software. Thus it can be used as the legal website for watching and downloading the favourite movies, series and TV shows.

Facilities available in the proxy server to unblock the torrent sites:

The new proxy server is one which replaces the content of the original site. The legal way of peer to peer process is followed to unblock the content of the blocked site. Thus the mirror sites will offer the similar experience as in the original site. Thus by using these facilities, the viewers can entertain by watching their favourite movies and shows.

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