Best trimmers that barbers use in the American market

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A trimmer is an electronic device, both wired and cordless, used to cut and trim the narrow areas near the hair, like the back of the ears, neck, cheek, etc., and all the delicate areas around the body. A trimmer is often confused with a clipper, but clippers are those electronic hair-cutting machines that only cut long hairs. In this article, we will be discussing the barber trimmers available in the American market.

Features of a trimmer that every man should look into it-

  1. A battery that has a long extended battery and also charges very quickly.
  2. Wide mouth trimmer to help you to cover up a large area while cutting in a single stroke.
  3. Variable lock-in-length settings for extra precision while cleaning up hair from the softest and most delicate skin.
  4. A digital battery display will help when you take it as a portable device while traveling. It helps you to charge it up before it becomes dead while trimming.
  5. Titanium-coated blades are long-lasting and are not prone to rust when they are in contact with shaving foam and water.

Benefits of a trimmer-

  1. A trimmer is soft on your skin, even on the delicate part of the skin. It gives you a closer shave but does not give a completely clean shave. Instead, it gives a semi-clean but intelligent look to your face.
  2. A trimmer allows you to choose what type of shave you want, whether clean or just trim or grooming your long beard.
  3. Multipurpose usage. A trimmer can be used to trim the hairs on your neck, eyebrows, near your ear, under your arm, etc.
  4. It helps you save time, as regular razors consume much of your everyday time.

The best professional trimmers available are-

  1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000MG7750- a cordless trimmer used for trimming the beard. Contains 14 types of combs, three different shaped trimmer heads, a small foil shaver head, and a nose hair trimmer. The blades are steel, and no oiling is needed to maintain their sharpness. It costs $60.
  2. Wahl aqua blade 9899- this is a cordless trimmer. Great for heavy and dense hair. Has a powerful motor. Works as a multipurpose trimmer both used in body and hair. The steel blades need oiling every month.
  3. Wahl peanut 8655– this trimmer is wired, so it needs to be connected with the power supply before switching it on. Better known for its durability.

To conclude, the trimmers are professional and are used by barbers in America.

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