Buy SD Card Singapore: Extend The Memory And Storage

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One thing that is the buyers observe and take note of when purchasing a new cell phone is its memory and how much its memory can be extended using an SD card. Whether the phone is having a separate slot for the card or the phone supports memory extension or not. Now that people have dozens of things to store in their phone having internal storage or if not then having an SD card with Gigabytes of storage has become essential.

When buying a memory card or any other storage device the only person that we rely on is the retailer of the seller. Thus it is important to reach out to those sellers who sell authentic and quality products. One such mobile retail company is the Mobile hub that ensures the supply of high-quality products along with that make sure that their mobile accessories are within the budget of most of the buyers. The mobile hub is a one-stop store that is run by ebiz global trading private limited. The store not only provides tons of mobile accessories, computer accessories, storage media, audio systems, electric products but also offers retail services and gift prizes.

Storage media and microSD cards

The company offers a wide range of storage media:

  • Micro SD cards: These micro cards are available with different storage capacities. Different SD card brands allow buyers to select wisely and make a smart choice. Popular ranges include Sandisk ultra 16 GB microSD card, Huawei 128 GB nano memory card, Huawei 256 GB nano memory card.

Buy SD Card Singapore: Extend The Memory And Storage

  • Hard disk
  • USB flash drive: Flash drives are also available with different storage sizes. SandiskIxpand flash drive is available in 16 GB, 64 GB, 128GB
  • Solid-state drive: The retail store has made Sandisk extreme available in two sizes- 500 GB and 1 TB along with that 2.5 inches 240 GB SanDisk SSD.
  • Mobile storage: Mini flash drives of 16 GB and higher have been made available for mobile phone storage.

The Singapore Mobile hub retail and electronic gadgets service providers make it easy to buy SD cards Singapore and work to give the best and hassle-free experience. The product details and availability has been updated on its official website making it easy for buyers to shop with convenience. They make it possible for buyers to get the best product within the budget by offering competitive prices.

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