How fast can you learn to play the piano, can it be in just 21 days?

You must have heard that learning a music instrument like piano can takes years to master the trick of this magnificent keyboard! Yes it can take few years for someone who has just started to learn or for a young child, a continuous lesson every week and some practice would be more than enough to learn how to play your favourite song on the piano with finesse. It is not true that only those who are talented can learn faster and grasp quickly, for everyone it takes same amount of dedication and passion to learn to play any instrument or anything to that matter, do anything but with love, you will definitely master it.

If you just have a piano, an electric one too it would work miracle for you, with some good online lessons this would do the trick of playing your song on the instrument in just few weeks or can say 21 days!

Here are few tips and tricks that can work for you in learning to play the piano online:

Get started

 Though it may sound easy, but it does take immense amount of dedication and hard work for learning to play the Piano In 21 Days, the first thing is to make up your mind in actually starting an online lesson, in learning, making time and your availability possible and scheduling everything is important step to begin.

Once everything is set, than a Piano, it does not need to be a grand and expensive one but an electronic piano can do great as well. Electronic pianos are easily available at any local musical instrument shop and are cost effective too till the time you learn thoroughly, for practise electronic pianos are great.

Next is to find the right online lesson, as there are many online courses available that can easily confuse you, it is important to find the right one. While looking for online courses one should makes sure that the course focuses on teaching you to play songs and not on to the mimic traditional lessons. The benefit of learning to play and progress ahead stands important, once that is done than you can upgrade to a better piano.

Learning online makes a difference

It is possible to learn Piano In 21 Days because online lessons are designed to get the students start playing the instrument and get a hang of it, they boost the confidence in the student that they can learn the instrument faster which is the first step towards learning. Online lessons are more practical, as the students learn through various chords that are used and how to put them together for a song to be played, with this the student can start playing songs immediately. At the very beginning of the class the student can start playing few songs which makes it an enjoyable process as learning and the joy of playing goes hand in hand. The goal is to learn to play the instrument faster but with perfect, so it should not take forever to learn. It is all about practice and gain confidence.

Easy Following Lessons for Adults Learning A Piano Without Using Sheet Music

One of the best things you could do while learning piano as an adult by the ear is that you can just sit down and begin playing without having to give a thought to what you have been playing. In fact most of the pianists even today unfortunately don’t focus on this because they feel that they are getting caught in the need for the music sheet that can actually turn out to stifle the entire music expression. This is what is making them even more comfortable and this is what that they have actually learnt so that they do not get strained from them. Here is how you can actually avoid from doing them.

One good lesson while learning piano as an adult is that you begin with the chord and the music structure. And in order to improve the music you will actually have to understand the rules behind it. Though there is a term in the Western American Europe music that is called as tertian harmony, this means the interval of the three and the notes are all the interval part. Tertian harmony here that the chords are based on the intervals of three and the C chord for example is based on C, E, and the last but not the least G which are all third interval parts.

Chords are generally the notes that are made up using the scale. Using the c major scale and the chord you can actually have a look at the chord and see how the scale goes up and touches the letters C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. You can figure out the chord by actually looking out at all those intervals. Trying and building the chords on top of one another followed by their quality is something that is actually determined by the scale.

So now when we know that C is the major chord here, the F chord is another example of the notes would be F, A and C. And the letters A and C are something that actually come from a C scale. You can even overlap the chords by creating a really good effect depending on whether you go for major or minor. The same thing continues to go with the letter G, you can try and use C, F and G as they are believed to be the most common ones.

In order to find out an easy chord in the piano lessons, you can all think of chords that are being referenced to the letter c. So as a chord will be noted as 1 then D will be noted as 2, E would then turn out to be 3. Most of the songs will just require a few chords as they repeat and provide a really good and a nice counter to the main melody. Once you learn the various types of scales in music you can then improve it with the help of the scales along with the chords as the background sound. The most common chord progressions are 1, 4, 5 and 4, 5, 1.