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married women should check their state pension record

Why married women should check their state pension record

Married women could be owed an estimated £100 million in underpayments in their state pension by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Many have already received pay-outs, with an average shortfall of £9,000 refunded.

Pensions consultancy, LCP first raised the issue of state pension underpayment for married women in May 2020.

But some have received as much as £30,000 from the DWP. The huge shortfall has occurred because DWP only checked their records for women who got married after March 2008.

With efficient back office systems for IFAs this incident was avoidable. Previously, the old state pension system permitted married women to claim 60% of the basic state pension. This was calculated on contributions made by their husband, if this was larger than a pension calculated on their own contributions.

This improved rate should have been applied automatically, as would happen with back office systems for IFAs, and was due to come into effect from 27th March 2008. But this uplift required women married before this date to proactively contact the DWP to ask for the increase once their husband reached the age of 65. The complex rules plus technical errors have resulted in thousands of women failing to be contacted about the additional money they are entitled to.

married women should check their state pension record

The DWP is aware of the shortfall and have made corrections to their records and reimbursed the women affected, and will hopefully use more efficient back office systems for IFAs to store information in the future. But, in order to ensure that they get the money they are owed, there are six groups of people that should contact DWP now to ask for a pension rate review.

If you are a…

Widow who did not receive an increase after your husband’s death.

Widow who has since received the uplift, but who may have been underpaid whilst your husband was alive.

Married woman with a husband aged 65 before 17th March 2008, who hasn’t at any point received an improvement on the 60% rate.

Woman over 80 who currently receives a basic rate of £80.45, if you passed a basic residence test when reaching 80 years.

Widower or heir of a now deceased married woman who was underpaid by the DWP during her life.

Divorcee, especially if you divorced after retirement. You can still benefit from the contributions of your ex-husband.

Is it good to invest in Cryptocurrency

Is it good to invest in Cryptocurrency?

You might have known about cryptocurrencies, it is nothing but digital money that does not have any physical form. But the thing is it holds value and its value is more than that of normal fiat currency. Because of this reason more people are thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies. Also, the value of this currency is showing continuous hike and it attracts more people to make use of it. People are also investing on this electronic money, for the sake of earning more money than their usual profit. Moreover, an individual will be able to get the money as soon as possible.

When your friends and people around you are investing in this aspect, it will also induce you to do the same. But the thing is you should not do something just because others are doing. Instead you have to spend some time in doing some research about it and once you are satisfied about the thing, you can proceed. Else, there are more chances for you to suffer a lot at the end. In order to avoid any future inconvenience, you need to know a lot about investing in cryptocurrencies and in which platform you need to invest in.

Crypto Code

The best reason why more people are interested to invest in cryptocurrency is one will be able to purchase this digital money in low price and can sell this money in more value. This is because one can make more money in a short time and also taking less effort. Also, the value of cryptocurrency is volatile in nature and is because of numerous reasons behind this. The transactions made with this kind of currency are peer to peer without any third party involvement. Also they are not regulated by any government bodies and banks.

Most of the retailers are now accepting this as a mode of payment and so people are able to buy things with this digital money. Moreover, there are a lot of trading platforms available these days. One of them includes Crypto Code and since there are so many, it is easy for a person to pick one according to their needs and wish. So, you should invest in crypto, only when you have good knowledge about his aspect. Else, you should know about the electronic money, and then give a try to invest in it.

Hence, investing in cryptocurrency is good, when you are well worst in every single aspect with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Buying Guide – Easy Guide for Buying the First Bitcoin

Bitcoin Buying Guide – Easy Guide for Buying the First Bitcoin

Looking for the Bitcoin Buying Guide? Thinking where can you start? People have lots of misconceptions when it comes about bitcoin – the first widely known & accepted cryptocurrency across the world. Many people think for the example that just hackers or shady people use it. But, bitcoin is going mainstream with everybody accepting payments in their bitcoin wallet now.

Why is it so popular?

Bitcoin has many benefits compared to other currencies. For instance, it is simple to send bitcoins to somebody as the payment without going through your bank middleman (get hit with additional fees). It is quicker than sending money through the bank wire and transfer. You may send bitcoins to somebody & have them receiving coins within seconds. With this, there is no surprise that a lot of people are trying hard to buy the bitcoin for first time. But, it is not as simple as going to the bank & withdrawing bitcoins – and going to the store and getting some hard-earned money for bitcoin. This system works a little differently than this. The Bitcoin Buying Guide can go over certain things that you have to know before buying – thus you may buy securely and safely.

bitcoin wallet

Firstly, while the cost will be more than $2000 per coin, you do not need to buy the whole bitcoin. Most of the places can allow you to buy different portions of the bitcoin for $20. Thus, you may start off small & start from there since you get a bit more comfortable in a way things work out.

Secondly, the article is for the general purposes and must not be taken as the financial advice. Using bitcoin will be risky & before you make any kind of purchase you must consult with the financial advisor and see if it is a right option for you.

So here given are simple steps of buying Bitcoins:

Get the Bitcoin Wallet

First thing you need to do before buying the coins is getting the virtual wallet for storing your coins. THe wallet is one string of text people may use to send bitcoins.

There are many different kinds of wallets like ones you install to your phone and computer, internet wallets & offline, or cold storage wallets.

Generally it’s as easy as downloading a wallet on your phone as the app and downloading software on your computer from wallet’s main website.

Borrow At The Fastest Cash Loan Online

Borrow At The Fastest Cash Loan Online

Earning money is very difficult. One will need to work longer hours or even the whole day just to save and pay all the expenses at home. In the time of crisis, people work more times than their original just to get the quota needed. This is to reach for other payments or surprise bills approaching. At one can loan money and just pay for it on the promised date. It is good as the transaction is so fast. When you needed money urgently one can get it as soon as possible. The site is also trusted and legal. Just fill-up the registration forms and write down all personal information and the transaction will run in no time.

Having a loan online has a high rate of fraud or scam but if one chooses the right one then everything is set. All license is placed and is free to ask a question for assurance and safety purposes.


Give trust and get money

One cannot experience the joy of borrowing money without giving doubts and letting off trust. Choose the best site to loan money and borrow as many and as much as one wants. All the manager here and the team is very accommodated and one will never regret giving trust. The money will be delivered in no time. One must remember that there is interest when borrowing. So, if one cannot pay the borrowed money on the deadline there would be an increase in the interest. All the negotiations here is clear and is written on the contract. If there is any issue one is free to talk to the administrators to clear things out. If there is any problem the maintenance will do it work fast and fix the issue immediately.

The process at loaning cash online

One will visit the page chose to loan money. There would be a lot of applications to fill up. This is a must to identify and verify the person having a debt. All the information will be kept private and safe in the site’s hand so there is nothing to worry about. One will also indicate the amount of how much one wants to loan. There are questions to be asked for security purposes also. After all, filling up the administration will now process the transaction. Prepare the money to be sent. The client needs to wait for a short time as the processing takes time. Once received the client now has the responsibility to pay it to the promised date. Pay before or on the day of due so that blocking will be prevented. This is only for the security of the company, the same as the banks and other loan sites and businesses. Search it online and try to loan cash. One of the most trusted partners when one is in a low budget for paying expenses.

Precautions to be considered in unsecured loans

Precautions to be considered in unsecured loans

Taking the decision to get the unsecured loan online would be easy. However, we should focus on the side to find out the correct loan lending company and it is very crucial. When you are searching for the loan lenders, you should pick the professional ones. Only then, you could get the benefits at the low interest rates. Some companies might cheat with the high interest rates by making use of your urgent financial needs. They will attract you with the gimmick advertisements that are a trap to cheat you. You should not get attracted towards them.  The thorough background check will enable you to find out the trustworthy unsecured loan lender like vakuudettomat present here.

Steps to follow

First, you should check the official website of the loan lender so that you ensure that the loan lender is a professional one or not. Because the one who is providing loans without securities needs to be financially sound.  Moreover, you should check the period of existence.


If the period of existence is high, there is a chance that the particular one might be the genuine one. In addition, of they are a genuine one they will reveal the reviews of the previous customers who had experienced already with them. This is the wonderful chance to know about the positive things and the weakness of the loan lender. You can also check for the online complaints that are available in the internet, which will reveal the negative sides of the bad loan lenders by the people. If you find any of the complaints on the loan lenders, it is better to avoid that particular one.

Online research

Read the reviews and the feedbacks of the people in the internet so that you can get a good idea on them.Know that online websites are the place where you could find large number of unsecured loan lender advertisements at one place. The truths that are given by the people will always help you to find the suitable one for you. Search for the online customer care support in the website of the company. If you found so, you can ask your doubts clearly to the customer care people. There are some companies available and they will reduce the interest rates on discounts at sometimes. If you are intending to make use of such discounts, first of all you should make clear that on what condition the discount is applicable.

Things to Know Before You Begin With Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are a solid method to acquire cash online for fledglings as anybody can guarantee bitcoins on faucet day in and day out just by comprehending the captcha. Just a couple of the online cash making programs let their individuals procure cash whenever and as much as they can. However, taking a shot at a solitary bitcoin fixture has neither rhyme nor reason and in the event that you do as such, I guarantee you will make nothing and quit that very day. Peruse this article to figure out how to make agood amount of money from bitcoin faucets. Things to know before you begin:

  • To chip away at Bitcoin Faucets, you should possess a bitcoin wallet with a location. In the event that you don’t have one – Create a bitcoin wallet.
  • The standard faucet claimers get more to administer contrasted with the individuals who guarantee bitcoin once in a blue
  • Lots of bitcoin faucets pay through the small-scale wallet. Keep on perusing how miniaturized scale wallet functions and what are the upsides of getting your cases through the small scale wallet.

Micro wallet:

  • Most of the bitcoin faucets utilize the smaller scale wallet to pay their individuals right away. Accepting installment through the small scale wallet has more points of interest contrasted with getting your income legitimately to your wallet.
  • So, what is a fixture box? A smaller scale wallet that goes between you and the bitcoin faucets to help youfurther.
  • That is, in the event that you guarantee bitcoins in a faucet, the apportion will be quickly sent to your smaller scale wallet rather than the bitcoin wallet.
  • You can set an edge limit to your smaller scale wallet account. Your income will be consequently sent to your essential bitcoin wallet once the limit sum is met.
  • You don’t need to make any record on the small scale wallet. Rather, your smaller scale wallet record will naturallybemade for your bitcoin address once you guarantee without precedent for a spigot that pays through the miniaturized scale wallet. Connection to the faucet box will be accessible on your fixture account.

The History of Piggy Banks

Ceramic piggy banks have been used since the seventeenth century. The term “pig” comes from the word “pigg”, which refers to orange clay, which was used to make pots, cans and cups in the middle Ages. A jar of piggy was used to collect family money. “Piggy” also comes from the old English word “picga,” which becomes the Middle English term “pigge,” which refers to an animal.

A preview of history

Piggy banks were considered symbols of good luck. In Germany and the Netherlands, piggy banks received gifts for good luck and New Year’s gifts. In the 1800s, English potters made boxes of money to combine them with rural scenes, castles, and country houses. These piggy banks were also designed to be attractive decorations that were displayed and also used by children.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, American metal piggy banks included European patterns. Cast iron piggy banks that were turned into buildings to represent real banks were made between 1870 and 1900. Hundreds of these types were made during this period.

At the end of the 19th century, pillars were given to children as baptisms in England. Working class children in England earned money to support their families, while privileged children received pocket money to do errands and help around the house. As savings were valued, banks delivered cash boxes to encourage savings, which was a custom that existed until the twentieth century. The most famous piggy banks were pigs of the Westminster National Bank of the eighties.

Today, the piggy bank is still a reliable means to save money. Piggy banks that are kept by children are useful educational tools for teaching children the basics of storing money. Traditionally, piggy banks are broken to get money back inside.

Today, the piggy banks that children have are decorated with the creative design of beautiful landscapes. Now they have rubber plugs or holes that are on the bottom. Modern piggy banks are equipped with electronic systems that automatically calculate the amount of money deposited inside.


Advances in technology have helped improve the design of the Doctor Piggy Bank. There are children’s piggy banks for children with interesting shapes and colors. Bright retail banks give a small reward when they invest. Therefore, children associate piggy banks with sweets and special savings.

How to choose a bitcoin podcast

Nowadays the internet is flooded with knowledge in all forms. There are articles books, podcasts, videos and what not. Many of these are based in emerging technologies like that of bitcoin. The amount of knowledge concerning bitcoins is so huge that it is hard to tell which one will come in handy.

Podcasts today are available on everything related to Bitcoins. You can find podcasts on Bitcoin basics, Bitcoin investments, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin exchange, and Bitcoin mining, whichever is your area of interest.

But how would you find exactly what you are looking for in this huge bitcoin podcasts list?

In order to help you out, here we have prepared a list of things you will need to look for in your podcast.

Title- The first thing you are going to look at, is obviously the title. However, titles can be misleading. Select the topic you want to know about. This will filter out much of the information since bitcoin podcast lists are available for all levels of bitcoiners. Select a few podcasts based on the titles and descriptions.

Author- Once you have selected the podcasts you would like to hear, do a little background check on the authors. Find out if they really are an authority on Bitcoins like they claim. Once you ascertain that the author is genuine and knowledgeable you can go ahead to listen to the podcast.

Number of downloads- Another factor that you can use to determine the authenticity of a podcast is the number of times it has been downloaded. If the podcast is really good, it will have a greater number of downloads.

Length- Podcasts that are too short may not contain comprehensive information. In general, podcasts are long-form audios with plenty of information. You can check the size and length of podcasts before trying to download them.

Reviews- Good podcasts get good reviews. It is a natural phenomenon. So if you are confused due to the enormous amount of Bitcoin podcast list, check out the reviews on your preferred podcasts before downloading them.

If you want to gain proper knowledge, you need to practice diligence in gathering it. So checking the above-mentioned things in a podcast will enable you to narrow down your bitcoin podcasts list a lot.

Another method would be to view some websites that are an authority on Bitcoins and check out their podcasts to avoid the hassle of looking into other lists or searching for Bitcoin podcasts yourself.



The idea of borrowing money is something that seems to be counter-intuitive regarding going with the repairs. The problem with the bad credit scoring is in the form of problems that are created during the application of loans, and the results that come with it are higher rates of interest.The bad credit scores also bring a lot of limitations with them in the form that they lead to the reduction of the opportunities. There is a need to go with the improvement of the bad credits.


Before taking a loan, one needs to decide on the type before going for it. There are many factors that are involved in the decision making. There is a need to go with the right choice and the proper choice of risk that could be involved with the procedure. One needs to review the interest rates as well. The repayment plans must also be made in time. In the case of larger amounts, there is a need for the production of the proper documents.

There are also numerous other options that can be a perfect fit. One can choose from the 401(k) loans right to the home equity loans as well as the LOI, the credit card advances with the cash can also be made alongside the title loans. One can also choose to go with the security of personal loans. One must be very precise and not hurry with the financial decisions. The image source is something significant. A lot of information gathered from the important websites like the is a necessary one.


There is surely a need to go with the proper planning about how to get into the entire procedure of borrowing money as well as going with repairs. Besides, there is the involvement of the strategic planning to give one the proper results. A free copy production of the credit report can be done annually which is a great deal. About 35% of the portion of the credit score is made up of the past-due accounts. There is a need to get this portion planned out first of all. This can be done within the 180 days. With this, there is a need to get the collection accounts paid off. There is also a need for the settlement of the account.


Strategic planning of the approaches that are related to the credit system is something that must be dealt with in a sophisticated and precise manner. A lot of research with the proper establishment of the clues is a compulsory part.