indian restaurants in hong kong central

List of restaurants to dig in Indian food Hong kong

Going to foreign countries is home-sicking but it becomes worse when we can’t get our favorite food. Isn’t it? But no worries when you are in Hong Kong. Indian food Hong Kong in the Indian restaurant in Hong Kong central.

Chaat is the city’s newest addition to the Indian eateries in Hong Kong Central, serving high-octane tastes of famous street foods in the luxury surroundings of Rosewood Hong Kong. Prepare yourself for a stomach-churning, mouth-watering feast whenever you visit Chaat. Aside from tantalizing Tandoor-grilled proteins like lobster tikka, Black Angus beef, and lamb chops, the must-order include the tangy, slow heat of the Bengali prawn curry; the house-made, creamy grilled paneer; and a slow-cooked dal makhani which is a dish typically reserved for birthdays that makes the perfect dish to round out a meat-heavy meal. It has much more to offer than one can expect.

Development of Rajasthan Rifles

The Black Sheep Restaurants company, which debuted Rajasthan Rifles at the Peak Galleria in June 2019, has developed a distinct approach to Indian food. The new Peak restaurant pays homage to the British Indian Army’s Anglo-Indian cuisine from the 1920s. The restaurant serves Indian food honk kong melting-pot dishes like a club sandwich filled with chicken tikka chaat, masala omelet, tomato chutney, and English cheddar, or the Admiral’s Fish ‘n’ Chips, which pairs beer-battered fillets with masala fries and marrowfat peas, and is styled like an Officers’ mess hall — save for a few more fashionable touches.

indian restaurants in hong kong central

The new Pirata Group restaurant’s Chaiwala setting begs for a celebration. It’s meant to be a gathering place for modest snacks and innovative beverages with friends. Indeed, the theatricality of the dishes contributes to the oddity of the venue. Pani puri, a popular street food snack, is delivered to the table, anxious to be filled with sour spiced water. Sweet pomegranate bursts on your tongue, tempered by creamy potato and a crispy dough shell. The menu encompasses the perfectly cooked Malabar scallops with coconut cream, a ‘Mexi-Thali’ of scrambled tacos, or a tandoori spread with cheese truffle naan. Don’t forget to save room for dessert: squishy gulab jamun, or spicy milk balls with mint syrup, yogurt, caramelized pistachio, and pineapple.

Aladin Mess, a no-frills establishment, is a fantastic place to bring a large gathering. Serving classics like flawlessly cooked Samosas, delicious Butter Chicken, creamy Palak Paneer, and the greatest Cheese Naan in town, you’ll be back for seconds in no time. This local favorite has long been a favorite of most, located smack in the center of Causeway Bay, across from Times Square!

Bengal Brothers, a newcomer to the Indian culinary market, is the first and only Indian restaurants in Hong Kong central to provide real Kati Rolls. These traditional Indian wraps are stuffed with chargrilled meat or veggies, folded inside house-made paratha flatbreads, topped with a crisp fresh salad, and drizzled with tangy chutneys and spices. There are also street-food-inspired bowls, munchies, and lassis on the menu.

This is the starting of some of the Indian restaurants in Hongkong which serves marvelously delicious food for everyone to enjoy. But there is a lot more to add to the list. Stay tuned and connected for more……

What Are Confinement Meals?

What Are Confinement Meals?

Confinement meals are specially designed plates by expert nutritionists, that is given to specially confined patients. The tradition of confining patients has been going on for centuries, as the ancient Chinese started this tradition.

What are confinement meals?

Confinement meals, as mentioned above, are nutritional foods given by a health care worker, or a nurse, to a woman who has just delivered a baby. It was started by the Chinese where a woman who had just delivered, was taken into confinement and treated with care so that the baby grows up properly nourished.

It was a postmortem recovery plan that was started because of the fact that the individual woman who would deliver the baby, would become very fragile and pale, due to the loss of so many bodily fluids. The mere process of delivering a baby exerts so much stress on the mother’s body that it causes several toxins to grow inside the body just after the baby is delivered.

Were confinement meals started because of this cause?

Yes, it was very essential for the woman to remove all the toxins that have been gathering inside her body by taking a complete break from everything and healing herself with proper food and nutrition.

This process was turned into a confinement system where this person was kept for a certain period of time, inside a hospital or their own house. It was done with a health care worker that would eat, sleep and stay with them 24/7, and take care of all their needs.

confinement meals

As mentioned before, this tradition was started by the Chinese, and the tradition has been going on for centuries.  Different countries have their traditions, cultures and rules regarding this confinement process.

Confinement meals were started because the tradition itself holds a very important place inside the society as it is very crucial for the upcoming generation to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

New mothers, who have just delivered their first baby, are often ignorant about certain details regarding motherhood. They must understand what they need to do, and how they need to take care of the baby so that the baby becomes healthy. Confinement meals properly nourish new mothers, as they haven’t experienced anything like this before in their lifetime. They might get morbidly sick which would affect the baby, which is something we do not want to happen.

That is exactly why we need to focus on the nourishment requirements of a new mother with the help of confinement meals.

Prepare various varieties by using prawns

Prepare various varieties by using prawns

Prawns are the one which will be liked by everyone. Some people like to have it as their starter and some people will like to have it as main course. You can make any type of the item and definitely it would become favourite to all the persons. In some restaurants they hire the chef’s only to cook prawns. This will show how much care they are taken to prepare the prawns so that the customers those who have ordered this item. These prawns are very delicate and if you handle if roughly then there would be some damage that will occur to these prawns. So you need to be very careful while preparing sambal prawn. Before preparing the prawns you need to clean them properly without getting damage to it. The scales that are present on the outer body will have to be removed very carefully without getting damage to the prawn. There will be some wastage that is present in the body has to be cleaned very neatly. Any of the wastage should not be left in the prawns as it will affect the taste of the prawns. These points that you need go very careful and any mistake that has happened during this process will effect you entire taste of your dish.

sambal prawn

Know the method of preparing prawns.

  • Prawns are the one which you need to take special care while preparing them. This is because of the tenderness of the prawn that makes you to deal with some special care.
  • If you prepare this sambal prawn in a right way then would become favourite food item for most of the people.
  • If you are preparing starters then you need to take care on the crispiness that you will usually get on the outer surface of the prawn.
  • The prawn should not be over cooked because the entire taste of the food will be spoiled not only wastage of good but also there is wastage of money too.
  • By taking up the above mentioned precautions then you can be able to prepare the best variety of prawns. Making of prawn will be little bit difficult in the initial days but once you know the technique of mixing and handling then you will love the way of cooking.


Please note all the above mentioned points and follow them carefully while preparing prawns to get the best taste of it.

Why need to choose Groomers Seafood online shop to make your orders?

Generally, it is the known fact that the seafood is high in protein content and low in total fat, calories, and also saturated fat. They are also high in minerals & vitamins so that the seafood will give you numerous ranges of health benefits. Recent studies have proved that eating seafood will surely decrease the risk of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, and also obesity. Once you have decided to eat seafood on the regular basis, you can directly catch the fishes, prone, or any other seafood’s from the ocean and you can also get recipes of fresh seafood online.

Fishes as the seafood:

You can see the different kinds of fishes in the ocean and all of them are packed with essential nutrients to help your kids or family members reduce their illness or get high quality nutritional benefits.  The fishes caught from the ocean are filled with full of nutrients such as high quality iodine, protein, and different types of vitamins & minerals. The fish varieties found at this shop include,

  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Mackerel

All these fishes are higher in fat based nutrients which will be healthy for everyone. They are also rich in fat soluble nutrient and vitamin D. These fatty fishes are rich in omega three fatty acids that are very significant for your brain function & optimal body function. These fishes are strongly linked to the reduced risk of the different diseases. If you want to add omega 3 in your diet plan, then you can try any recipes of fresh seafood online and eat at least two times in a week. In order to improve your heart health, you can eat such seafood fishes which are known as the heart healthy foods which you can eat.

Other benefits of eating seafood:

Directly from the ocean, you can find and catch the various quality seafood and the same day caught seafood such as,

  • Bronzini Fillet
  • Boutargue
  • Catfish fillet
  • Chilean sea bass fillet
  • Halibut fillet
  • Grouper fillet
  • Cod fillet
  • Mahi mahi fillet
  • Redfish fillet
  • Rainbow trout
  • Ruby red trout and etc.

All these seafood are reducing the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and also the death from the heat disease. A lot of researchers believe that such kinds of the fatty types of fishes which are highly beneficial for your entire health & well being because it contains higher amount of omega 3 fatty acid. These omega 3 fatty acids are highly significant for growth & development of the kids. Such seafood are also rich in omega 3 fat docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is especially very crucial for eye & brain development of the kids. As the seafood are fresh and nutrient rich, the breastfeeding and pregnant women can also eat them to get full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to increase their milk & help their child growth.

Cheese Shop Singapore Becomes One-Stop Authentic Cheese Destination

Cheese is the ultimate taste and texture enhancer of many breads and bakes. Who could imagine a delicious pizza or pasta without a long cheesy pull at the start? However, the noob chefs who try different recipes have found cheese an essential in everyday snacks and breakfasts. The best variations of Italian cheese are direly wanted worldwide, and where else than the online cheese shop Singapore should we get the perfect ones! The best deals in variations and affordable fresh cheese, check out the different types to explore and how to purchase them.

Cheesy Varieties

We often hear mozzarella, cheddar, or normal cheese but enjoy every dish with the same ecstasy. It is evidently important as a chef to know about different cheese available to get the proper dish. The type depends on:

  • Texture: Cheese is used either as an ingredient during preparation or added on the top as an accessory. The parmesan and mozzarella cheese offer a stringy nature and are used as toppings over pasta or risotto. In contrast, Grana Padano is hard and can be easily shredded as a raw topping over bread and sandwiches. The ones used as an ingredient have to be thick and creamy, like burrata cheese that isn’t suitable for topping due to its flowing consistency.
  • Taste: Food lovers find every cheese the same, but it isn’t the taste of an expert chef. Light topped cheese like mozzarella or infused burrata are milky and creamy in taste. They even combine well with vegetables and seasoning to enhance the natural tastes. In turn, the Padano cheese is nutty-flavored doesn’t suit well along with other flavors but elevates the dish’s essence on its own.

Online cheese shop Singapore has an open catalog for any type of cheese freshly prepared and available at instant orders.

How To Ensure Proper Door Delivery?

Buying cheese after analyzing the discussed factors becomes easy if selected from online stores.

  • The customers have to select the products or even apply filters to narrow down the search. The expansive catalog provides every type available in varied quantities and packages. The exclusive ones like ricotta or Mascarpone cheese are specially imported on-demand from the original manufacturers from Italy.
  • The online orders from the e-retail stores or the marts allow the chefs to scan from the vast varieties and purchase easily. The payments are also made online to reduce the time in transactions.
  • The services guarantee the same-day deliveries of the local fresh produce or within a week for the imported ones. The customers don’t have to take the efforts to go and pick when the best and required is delivered at the doorstep.

We often have cravings to try out special dishes from different cuisines, and getting the best cheese ensures one of the hurdles overcome. The best of the online shops are now at hand to get the authentic feel of the dishes every time.

Have a dinner in sky to make a memorable day with your special person

It is a dream for every person to have outing with their special person at least once in a week or month to enjoy it preciously and mostly you would search out new places which will give you surprise moment at every visit. This time you have good place to make it special with rooftop Singapore which is offering best foods ever you had before in your city at best price. When it comes for the need of food people are ready to spend money to get perfect dish along with expected taste. It is tough to collect the unique flavor of your food in every food place because the preparation will differ based on the chef and quality wise you have some deviations but here you are going to admire the food along with good view. Most of the famous things in food are ready to serve in your plate here within the time period and you are extremely welcome by this service to have best time inside of it. The decorations are awesome and it will carry you to the ancient period and they are using copper vessels which are hygienic to health completely and you have seats on its roof top to spend time with great view of Singapore with your dearest person only here.

Makes you feel better from the regular service with superb hospitality

Wherever you go especially for the hotels or restaurants people expect discipline and care from the shops to have perfect eating and it is basic expectation too but whether you are getting it for the same is answerless question. Because most of the services today in Singapore working for the business and not for the customer satisfaction but the rooftop Singapore concentrates on customer satisfaction and you have fantastic hospitality from the employees which feels good like having food at home by mothers feed. Sitting at the top of city is a great chance for the people who are really wants to try a different atmosphere in their regular life so hurry up for your seats to have perfect dinner or lunch and book it before through online because once you booked your seats then you no need to wait for your foods on special day. You can select your foods by planning your time through online and you can download menu card as well which is completely new to industry.

Easy Cake Decorating for Occasions

Easy Cake Decorating for Occasions

A wedding as an important milestone in life requires special planning and great attention to detail. Finding the perfect dress and shoes is a challenge for many women. The same is probably true for most men. However, getting the most wonderful wedding cake like a wedding cake is even more difficult. So what should a couple do? It’s simple: create your cake and make it the decoration of the party.

Cupcakes wonderfully arranged in a stylish wedding cake stand are no better for elegant yet elegant wedding details. It is true that cupcake holders can be very interesting entertainment at your wedding. You can even make the coasters match your wedding in colors and themes. If you’re just thinking of making cupcakes for a pretty cake, here are some tips and tricks to complete a beautiful yet elegant wedding cake look.

When you make the cake yourself, you need to pick a recipe first, two or three recipes are much better if you can. Pies are not only made from flour, eggs and sugar, but at this level, Picasso is just oil and canvas. A masterpiece is not made up of components. This is the skill of an artisan.

Easy Cake Decorating for Occasions

Use cake mix. Well, the point is, not all scratch-off recipes can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, but cake mixes can be multiplied. Plus, cake mixes survive because they’ve found a formula that makes cake trustworthy. You also need a creamy frosting. Because confectioners say it’s much easier to work with buttercream than with any other icing. Then the cake stand will never be forgotten. The cake stand will help you to place the cake level on a suitable plate and set it on the stand, which ensures stability and beauty. The elegant grouping makes some wedding cakes the perfect wedding decoration. When you finish the cake and the stand, you can also decorate the cake with fresh fruits, flowers, artificial or real. Crystal cake decorations can be used to decorate a cake on a stand. Some wedding cake stands may even let you decorate your cakes with some popular items like LED lights, candles, silk flowers, acrylic paint, and tulle. If you are making wedding cupcakes, you may have many more opportunities to add personality to yourself and your future spouse. However, grouping best rainbow cake Singapore for a wedding is probably another daunting task. But there are always ways to achieve a stylish yet classy wedding cake look that will dazzle all guests with this sweet blessing.

DIY wedding cakes can seem doable. However, you need to cook the cake in the last days before the wedding, when there is no room for mistakes. Whether it’s a DIY cake, an aunt making a wedding cake, or a close friend, the labor of love is incredibly beautiful!

Drinking Coffee Aids Weight Loss

Various Healthy Benefits of Drinking Coffee

One of the most prominent and common beverages taken by millions of people is coffee. It comprises of beneficial nutrients and high levels of antioxidants. There are also health benefits offered when you drink coffee like mainly weight loss and improve your metabolism. Search for weight loss coffee Singapore to find the coffee products which can aid you weight loss. Let’s discuss about the health benefits a coffee offer to you. 

What are the healthy advantages of drinking coffee? 

It can help burn your fat:

Coffee has the stimulant caffein which can help you in reducing of your fat. As it help you burning of your calories that you consumed all the day. It is also suggested by research studies that caffein can help you improve your metabolism.

It comprises of important nutrients:

One cup of a coffee has many beneficial and essential nutrients. They are pantothenic acid, manganese and potassium, magnesium and niacin, and riboflavin.

Protects you from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease:

The neurodegenerative disease which causes dementia is alzheimer’s disease. This is the problem which mainly effects the people of age 65 and there is no cure for this issue. But there are many ways to prevent this disease to occur. Some of them incorporate like eating healthy diet and physical exercise. Even drinking coffee might also help you in securing from dementia.

Drinking Coffee Aids Weight Loss

It might protect your liver:

Your liver carries out many essential operations in your body. Keeping your liver is really needed. The diseases which can affect your liver are fatty liver disease and hepatitis. It can also cause cirrhosis which causes a scar tissue in liver. Drinking coffee every day of about two or three cups will protect you from this condition cirrhosis.

It lowers the risk of different cancer types:

In the present world, cancer is the main reason for many of the deaths. It leads to creation of cancer cells in your entire body. Drinking coffee can protect you from two cancer types that is colorectal and liver cancer. The people who drink coffee every day has the low risk to cancer of about 40%.

It might help you live longer:

The persons who drink coffee every day has less vulnerable to the occurrence of diseases. It can clearly depict that coffee can help you live longer. As these individuals who consume coffee has lower death risk. It incorporates the risk of 20% and a 26% reduced death risk in women.

It lessens the risk of heart disease:

It is declared that drinking coffee can increase your blood pressure. However, the effect is so small and it reduces when you drink coffee. It is also claimed that drinking a cup of coffee can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Thus, these are some of the healthy benefits offered to you when you consume coffee every day.

best food tour Singapore

Food tours are considered to be very useful to find your favourite family place

If you already have a self-guided food tour app then you can explore the best food places in Singapore. The guests and visitors of Singapore have found that food tours are considered to be very useful. If you want to have a daunting experience then you can try the different food at different period of time. You can definitely find your favourite food place as the food tours are considered to be very useful. The people who want to sit and eat down with the locals can experience the real Singapore with a food tour in Singapore. The vendors who want to enjoy the bites can simply follow some of the tips and tricks. The best food tours in the cities around the world can be explored through the food tour association. If you want to get more information about our services then you can get in touch with our team.

best food tour Singapore

Sounds and sights of Singapore:

There will be no obligations for the customers to hire the services offered on our website. The best private food tour in Singapore can be explored by many of the customers who want to try different recipes. You can experience the sounds and sights of Singapore if you are planning to book a tour. If you want to have a daunting experience then you can have a look at the food tour in Singapore services offered by our team. You can always decide to eat your food with the locals if you want to experience the real Singapore. The food tours are considered to be very useful if you have decided to visit your favourite eating places. You can try to discover the best kitchen in the world if you want to know about the flavours tastes. The individuals can definitely have a daunting experience if they have a look at the fantastic food scene like the visitors and guests.

Satisfied visitors in Singapore:

The delicious tastes in Singapore can be explored if you can definitely book a tour now. You can provide your valuable feedback on our website if you are already satisfied with the services offered by our team. The individuals can try to explore the famous food if you want to join the satisfied visitors in Singapore. You can schedule for an appointment in advance as there are many future food tours around the world. There are a growing number of satisfied tourists so that you can definitely experience the real Singapore. The dedicated and knowledgeable staff will ensure that the groups or families are considered to be perfect for restaurants. The customers on the food trail in Singapore can find exciting and new flavours. You can explore the various places in Singapore as the tailor-made tours are loved by many of the individuals.

Best red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake: More Than Just Added Food Coloring

People often wonder what makes a red velvet cake different from other cakes. It is not only the added food colouring that makes this cake special. It has a vanilla flavour with a hint of chocolate and an attractive deep maroon colour. You usually make a red velvet cake with cocoa powder, vanilla, and buttermilk. These ingredients react with each other and give the cake its distinctive colour. Some people use extra food colouring to enhance it. Making a red velvet cake is more straightforward than most people think it is. Read on to learn how you can wow your family and friends with the best red velvet cake they have ever tasted.

Here is what you need:

  • Unsalted butter, at room temperature – 1/2 cup or 120g
  • Caster sugar or fine white granulated sugar – 1 1/2 cups or 300g
  • Cooking oil – 1/4 cup
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder – 1 tablespoon or 10g plus one extra tablespoon for dusting
  • Red liquid food colouring – 2 1/2 tablespoons or 45ml
  • Pure vanilla extract – 2 teaspoons or 10ml
  • White vinegar – 1 tablespoon or 20ml
  • Sifted plain cake flour (or all-purpose flour) – 2 1/2 cups or 350g
  • Baking soda (Bi-carb soda) – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon
  • Buttermilk – 1 cup or 250ml

Best red velvet cake

Prepare the following for the frosting:

  • Cream cheese (not spreadable), at room temperature – 14 ounces or 400g
  • Unsalted butter, at room temperature – 1/2 cup or 120g
  • Pure vanilla extract – 2 teaspoons
  • Confectioners sugar (or icing sugar) – 4 cups
  • Lemon juice (optional) – 1 tablespoon

Now, let us begin with the cake. Heat the oven to 350°F or 175°C and then use butter or nonstick oil spray to grease two 8-inch cake pans. Dust them with one tablespoon of the sifted cocoa powder. Next, cream butter and sugar together until the colour becomes light. Add eggs one at a time. Make sure you beat well after adding each one. In a smaller bowl, mix the oil with the remaining cocoa powder, red food colouring and vanilla. Mix until the mixture becomes smooth. Stir the colour mixture and vinegar through the creamed sugar mixture. They must combine well. In another bowl, sift salt, flour, and baking soda. Add half of the non-wet ingredients to the ingredients that are wet, and then half of the buttermilk. Mix well and repeat with the other dry ingredients and buttermilk. Divide batter into the two prepared pans and bake them for thirty minutes. Insert a toothpick into the centre to check. If it comes out clean, then you can already cool it on a wire rack.

To make the cream cheese frosting, beat together cream cheese, butter, and vanilla. Continue until it becomes smooth and lighter in colour. Then beat in icing sugar. It will make the frosting light and fluffy. Mix in the lemon juice if you want.

Now you can assemble the cake! Transfer one cake on a plate. Trim the top dome off and scoop one to two cups of frosting onto the cake. Spread it thoroughly before placing the second layer of cake. Then use the remaining filling and cover the top and sides of the cake. Crumble the trimmed pieces of cake to decorate. You can now share it with your family and friends!