Everything To Know About Hip Replacement Surgery In Singapore

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Hip replacement is the procedure for removing as well as replacing some parts of the pelvis and femur (thighbone) which mainly form the hip joint. This procedure is mainly done to remove hip pain as well as stiffness which is mainly caused by hip arthritis. Some of the important facts about hip replacement surgery Singapore have been discussed in this article.

Top symptoms to consider for the hip replacement

 Below are some of the common symptoms which mainly lead to hip replacement:

  1. The pain that is present in the anterior hip or groin.
  2. The pain is associated in the buttock as well as the trochanteric region.
  3. Any pain that is being associated with any activity and at rest.
  4. Pain mainly gets worse when someone puts weight on the leg.
  5. The stiffness or the tightness of the hip.
  6. The loss of motion.
  7. The person is having difficulty sleeping.
  8. Difficulty at the time of walking.
  9. The person is having difficulty putting on shoes as well as socks.

Different types of hip replacements procedures to know about

 There are two main surgical approach methods for performing the total hip replacement:

  1. The posterior approach which is commonly used
  2. The anterior approach is also known as the mini-anterior approach.

This total hip replacement surgery mainly takes around one and a half hours. Most of the patients have to stay in the hospital for one or two days after completing this procedure.

 One can get a reference from their primary care doctor. Family, friends as well as some other healthcare professionals are some of the resources to ask for recommendations. The board certification is mainly an essential factor to consider when someone is choosing an orthopedic surgeon. It is also necessary to confirm that the orthopedic surgeon has got no history of any disciplinary actions.

When someone is searching for an orthopedic surgeon to perform hip replacement surgery, it’s necessary to check the surgeon’s experience, credentials, as well as reputation. It is also necessary to look for a hospital or facility where there will be sufficient equipment to conduct the surgery. The facility must have courteous as well as supporting staff. The staff must provide timely as well as polite customer service to the patients as well as their relatives.

These are some of the important facts to consider at the time of choosing hip replacement surgery in Singapore.

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