Everything You Need to Know About Balcony Decking Singapore

Decking for a balcony is a wonderful option for expanding your living area into the outdoors. Yet, careful consideration is required while selecting the materials and layout. Fortunately, it is precisely the topic of this piece. Discover some of the best decking options for your balcony, along with cost and maintenance information. Know more about balcony decking Singapore.

Balcony Decking: What Is It?

Decking for a balcony may refer to either a whole new structure or an addition to an already existing balcony. The decking was formerly only constructed from wood, but nowadays, a wide variety of composite decking materials are available that are fireproof.

Decking consists of horizontal wood planks laid out on a structure. So this is essentially the same thing but done on a balcony.

It’s a good idea to deck your balcony for several reasons

Decking is an attractive option for sprucing up a flat area, and it is undoubtedly preferable to concrete and other unappealing building materials. Balcony decking may turn a house’s flat roof into an attractive terrace that increases the home’s resale value.

Balcony decking may revitalize your outdoor area at your condo or apartment and, if done well, might even increase the property’s worth.

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Factors to Think About Before Putting in a Balcony Deck

Before beginning any installation project, it’s essential to think about a few different factors.


The answer to this question depends on whether you are constructing a new deck or placing a floor over an existing balcony. It makes sense to hire a decking firm to do the job if it’s a comprehensive installation. They will ensure your new deck is sturdy and safe for you.

However, DIY installation should be no problem for a simple project like adding another level to an already existing balcony. Since fewer structural adjustments will be made, the stakes will be lower.

Style of Balcony

It is not recommended to tear up the old floor while installing decking flooring on an apartment or condo balcony (if you can). Decking for a residential balcony, however, allows for more creative leeway. The floor or deck might be replaced, for instance.


The material you choose to construct your balcony deck is an integral aspect of the overall project, which will be discussed in further depth below. In addition to the apparent effect on cost, it also affects things like durability, maintenance simplicity, and total product weight.

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