Everything You Need To Know About The Class A AIS Transponder

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AIS or Automatic Identification System has small transponders. These transponders are suitable for shipping vessels all over the world. These transponders use short wave radio signals to broadcast the vessels’ position. It has a unique IMO or International Maritime Organization id number and other information. Any vessel, satellite, or land station can receive the transmissions sent out by the transponders. The class a ais transponder is a type of AIS transponder.

What is an AIS transponder?

It is the most significant tool for navigators. It is for navigation safety. It was first developed as a tool for avoiding a collision. Through this system, commercial vessels can see each other better in all possible conditions. AIS can do that by constantly transmitting the position, speed, and identity of the vessels. With this system, the maritime safety body and port authority can manage maritime traffic and even reduce marine navigation hazards. AIS offers many safety benefits. So, scientists made this technology compulsory all over the world for vessels and passenger ferries.

class a ais transponder

Understanding a class a ais transponder

There are two types of AIS transponder- Class A SIS and Class B AIS. The Class A transponders can operate by using a SOTDMA or Self-Organizing TDMA broadcast. The level it takes to transmit power is 12.5 watts. This type of transponder can transmit dynamic information every two to ten seconds while underway.

While at its anchor, this transponder sends transmission every three minutes. It is responsible for sending voyage and static related information every six minutes. It includes the name of the cargo and the vessel. The class a ais transponder should have an external GPS, DSC receiver, ROT indicator(rate of turn), and heading to receive and transmit safe and secure text messages.

Get A Class A AIS transponder online

If you are looking for a transponder, there are plenty of them on online sites. There are both Class A and Class B AIS transponders from different brands. However, before doing so, you need to find the right transponder. A few features can help you to get the best transponder. First, you need to choose the type of transponder you need for the vessel. You can install a Class A AIS transponder on a large vessel.

It can be on a large passenger vessel or cargo ship due to certain regulatory requirements. The power that this transponder transmits is also higher. You can find wholesale navigation and communication equipment for navigation online. There are online stores to shop for these AIS transponders. There are a variety of transceivers and other equipment in these online stores.

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