Everything You Need To Know About the Pre-Event Rapid Testing Singapore and Worldwide

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Are you familiar with the term pre-event rapid testing? If not, we are here to inform you about it. The MOH has informed regarding the use of pre-event rapid testing worldwide. It ensures that the activities get resumed safely. This article will make you understand everything about this testing, its necessities, and more. It mostly gets followed in Singapore due to certain activities. Let’s begin with a brief introduction to pre-event rapid testing singapore.

What does pre-event rapid testing mean?

It is a form of test for Covid 19 that the Ministry of Health requires from you if you want to enter the venue of an event. The report must be negative within the period specified by the MOH. A valid negative report is a green flag for your entry that you have to show.

Is pre-event rapid testing necessary?

Yes, it is necessary because it reduces the risk of the virus spreading. An event gets organized for a gathering due to a specific purpose. You have an idea how many people visit such events. That’s why it is the only way to reduce the outbreak in the venue. It will allow many people to gather for an event safely.

pre-event rapid testing singapore

What are the events that need pre-event rapid testing?

The pandemic is not yet over. So, now, only a few selected events have been allowed to organize the gathering, following the Covid protocol. But, the number of people that can be present also gets mentioned by the government body of individual countries.

Which tests do you need to take for pre-event screening?

You can take any of the two tests, either the rapid antigen test or the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. The first one is less expensive and shows quick results. It is easy to do and takes about 40 minutes to show the results. On the other hand, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) requires professionals to do the testing, and you get the reports after 48 hours. Sometimes the rapid antigen test does not show accurate results, but still, it is preferred over the PCR for such events due to its quick outcomes.

Final Words

So, there were the essential points that you must know about pre-event testing and the requirements to do so. Also, you get an idea of the things you need before going to an event. You can have this test within 24 hours of visiting the venue. The testing is available in clinical camps or at home using the antigen test kit. Besides this, you can also go for the event venue antigen rapid test for instant results.

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