Forex Trading for You: Basics of Copy Trading

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Forex Trading for newbies becomes difficult if you do it by yourself. This is because the trading world requires various concepts such as trading styles and strategies to be mastered or studied. If you are someone who has found interest in this field by merely reading or browsing articles through the internet then it is about time that you start conversing with someone who probably has enough trading experiences to share and inspire you. Aside from the strategies, you also need someone to help you understand the basics of manipulating your trading platform or software. Although they say that the user interface of most trading applications are user friendly, there is nothing better than having someone explain to you which tabs to click or which option or charts to follow and which doesn’t. Due to these complicated processes in trading FX, some traders choose to go the easy way andpick copy trading as their trading style. WIth its name, we can denote that copy trading is a process where a newbie trader can learn or adopt a particular strategy that has worked for expert traders. Is this a safe strategy and is this legal? Today, we shall clarify the answer to these questions so that by the time you finish reading this piece of writing, you are able to understand or digest bits of ideas that will help you discover the positive and the negative side of copy trading. 

Copy Trading Background

About 10 to 15 years ago, the highly skilled traders would usually duplicate particular computations or trading patterns that developed through automated trading.  This method was being applied during that time because the traders believed that automated algorithms can be trusted to bring better profit rather than manually monitoring and performing your trades. In its piloting stage, this trading style became the most prefered strategy for traders who wanted to be involved with this business while working on their actual job. This is why famous trading platforms started to boom and are continuously booming up to this time.

The Popularity of Copy Trading 

In a recently conducted research by a reliable trading agency, 1 for every 3 traders say that forex trading is really difficult to master and understand. If you wish to become successful in this field, you have to make sure that you devote yourself to training, reading and practice. This actually does not mean that a busy body can no longer become a trader. Still in the same survey, the group of people that responded to the survey also said that trading with the use of automated platforms or software can help ease this burden. As a matter of fact, 1 for every 4 traders say that they are thinking of shifting their choices to social or copy trading because of its various advantages.

The Advantages

 Aside from the automation which is one of the most famous good features of this strategy, copy trading also allows a trader to explore other fields such as stocks, CFDs, currencies and many more. Because of its versatile nature, copy trading is mostly adopted by those who wish to widen their trading portfolio coverage. Overall this is great for accessibility and free time while trading. 

The cons

Copy trading is a strategy that is not purely advantageous. It also has its risks just like other approaches of strategies. These things involve Market risk, Trader history risks and execution risk.

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