Get to know why a fire drill is carried out

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All the industries and businesses are required to get a fire safety certificate post fulfilling the set criteria. By the way, do you know why many entities carry out fire drills? If not, continue reading for the answers.

  • Practice is a life-saving weapon
  • Identification of weak spots
  • Test alarms
  • Legal obligations
  • Compatibility

Practice is a life-saving weapon: Do you think people will remember age-old modules that shed light on safety steps that have to be taken in times of emergency? Nope. This is why a drill is required to refresh the memory of employees along with practical-based teaching. A test will give the staff an idea about the evacuation plan in case of a real emergency.

Identification of weak spots: Sometimes, the workers forget to move out boxes from evacuation routes, thus causing trouble to the escapists. A fire drill is conducted in a way that the employees are taught to find alternative routes in case the building actually gets caught in the fire.

Test alarms: It is mandatory to test the working condition of alarms frequently. Every space in the organization must be alerted through the sounder. Failure of the alarms in any area can result in an undesired outcome. This is why it is essential to test the evacuation plan so that any damaged or inefficient alarms could be fixed or repaired.

fire safety certificate

Legal obligations: This is an obvious reason, all the industries and other entities are supposed to meet the legal compliance requirements as set by the law. There is a rule that states to carry a minimum of one fire drill once a year that too during business hours to check the efficiency of the fire safety system. Every employee has to be aware of the set evacuation plans and risks.

An assessment has to be made for the same andany corrections if required have to be made and must be included in the future plan for re-execution.

Compatibility: The number of colleagues does not remain the same in the upcoming years. Also, there could be some changes in the layout or positioning of certain departments. So, it is a necessity to carry out a drill every year to check the compatibility of the amendments and evacuation plans in an industrial plant.

From the above, it is clear that a business entity has to perform fire drills to educate employees about emergency plans, alternative routes, check the efficiency of the plan, fulfill legal obligations and confirm compatibility between executed plan and fresh changes in the organization’s overall layout. Please ensure to get the fire safety certificate to remain compliant with the law regulations.

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