Get your magic mushrooms legal and safe in Canada

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Magic mushrooms are one of the best psychedelic compounds that provide great relief from different types of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It has been used for centuries in various areas for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. However, a variety of effects, including altered perception, euphoria, visual and aural hallucinations, and changed sense of time and space, can be brought on by using magic mushrooms. Depending on the dosage and individual conditions, these effects may linger for several hours. Because of this reason, the use of Magic mushrooms has been completely or partially banned in many companies.

Moon Haus sells all over Canada

But don’t worry for all those people who love to have magic mushrooms for recreational purposes Moon Haus provides you a platform to get your magic mushrooms legal and safe all over Canada. It is a leading online marketplace for magic mushrooms and other psychedelic products. All their products are of premium quality and ensure professional packaging for sanitization, discretion, and freshness so that all their users can have their best experience and also make it safe to consume.

Are Mind-Altering, Psychedelic Drugs — like 'magic mushrooms' —  Therapeutic? : Short Wave : NPR

The platform deals only with verified and trusted vendors following the guidelines of the government on the sale of psychedelic compounds. The company has been working in this field for the last three years and has a huge product line including super potent DMT pens, LSD Tabs, Ketamine, Magic Mushrooms, and more. All the products come in discreet packaging without any mention of the product inside and provide the product through Canada Post Xpresspost, with discreet packaging to your house door.

Moon Haus accepts payments in both bitcoin and e-transfers making it more convenient for the clients. Once the payment is confirmed you can get delivery of the product soon in a legal and safe way without any tension from the legal authorities. The services and products of the company are completely legal and ensure proper authorization across Canada. They also provide test results of all their products ensuring the quality and efficiency of the products.


However, it is important to take the proper dosage of Magic Mushrooms because frequent overdoses can result in addiction and may also lead to bad health. So always make sure to take the right quantity of psychedelic compounds if you are taking them for mental health conditions.

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