Getting an Australian visa is not easy

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Getting your visa done is a difficult task it is quite a long procedure. However, Australia is one of the most visited places compared to other countries, so getting the visa done for Australia takes a comparatively longer time. We have to surpass the long queue waiting for their turn to come.

Moreover, after settling there, we tend to bring our family and live a happy life with them there. Migrating from one place to another is not an easy task one has to go through a lot of procedures that are tiring. It will make you exhausted, but the hope of going place finds you to go forward.

Migrating with parents

For the residents of Singapore, it is easy to get Australian citizenship and thus, thinking of bringing your family you have to apply for a parent’s visa. However, parent pr visa australia cost according to the number of persons also there are many sponsors was from the government which help you with your expenses of visa.

parent pr visa australia cost

For getting a parent visa, you need to follow some steps

  • You need to be Australian or New Zealand citizens or need to have PR.
  • You should have been staying in Australia for at least 2 years.
  • Your parents have to pass the balance of family test, which means at least 50% of their child has to stay here.

Therefore, applying for a parent visa, you need to fulfil these given criteria laid down by the government.

There is no age limit for applying for a parent visa. However, health is a criterion that needs to be fulfilled. Once the visa has been granted, your parents can visit you multiple times and can enjoy the health benefit provided by the government of Australia.

How to apply

Before leaving you to need to fill sponsorship form so that you want you can call your parent whenever you need it. Make sure the application has been approved by the government of your native place so that at the time of applying for a parent Visa in Australia, it does not bring you any difficulty.


Thus, applying for a parent visa is easy as compared to applying for your visa. Only if you are a resident of Australia, does it becomes an easier task for you to do. Make sure you have filled all the required documents and nothing is left behind to process the application smoothly without any default the visa is being approved.

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