High Density Polyethylene Foam for Professional Packaging

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High density polyethylene foams prove to be a good calibration solution in the industry sector. You can discover here all the characteristics of this synthetic foam, and also its advantages as a professional packaging solution. Irrespective of your industry segment and the type of products you manufacture, polyethylene foams remains an interesting alternative to pack and protect them during transport.

The High Density Polyethylene Foam Properties

In general, foam is a particularly soft and lightweight material. It is also an electrical insulator and can absorbs shocks very efficiently. Among the synthetic foams available on the market, there is high density polyethylene foam. As its name suggests, it has the advantage of being denser than conventional foams. As a consequence, it is less soft but has the ability to absorb shock seven better, which opens up many opportunities for use.

Moreover, this type of synthetic foam is manufactured according to a strict procedure, only controlled by official and experienced manufacturers. In commerce, the high density foam is available directly from the manufacturer unlike low density polyethylene foam sheets and other forms of packaging solution made of PE. It is usually presented to the customer as a block or plate, but a custom service is offered at the transformers. Different colors are also available according to the wishes and needs of the customers. To be sure to find a reliable experimented polyethylene foam packaging manufacturer, you can visit this page.

Industrial Applications of High Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Due to its shock-proof properties, high density foam is frequently used as reinforcement and protection in industrial packaging. For example, it can be placed against suitcases walls, crates, or small cases, to accommodate and stall fragile or bulky objects. In this way, each object is protected from shocks during transport, or once stored in warehouse. In fact, the products at risk are properly isolated from what is happening outside. Thus, damages during handling, moving, routing and delivery are highly limited. In addition, being electrical insulation, this type of polyethylene foam packaging does not interact with the products.

The use of high density foam is also a good strategy to improve the customer experience. It is generally used in particular for goods such as valuable paintings, large electronic devices, luxury goods, or fragile furniture. And to adapt even more effectively to the shape of the products they protect, high-density foams are available in various forms from the manufacturer, and are cut to size, according to the request of the company concerned. In this case, we are talking about custom-made technical polyethylene foams.

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