How Can Prenatal Yoga Classes Singapore Make Your Pregnancy Better?

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Yoga has been a popular exercise common among all age groups because of its very stress-less yet efficient methods. It is suitable for all age groups from young children to the elderly. Similarly, yoga is also very helpful for pregnant ladies.

It helps one to stay fit and keep the body relaxed. It is also stress-free for the developing baby. Also, prenatal yoga helps during the labor and childbirth process. Hence prenatal yoga classes Singapore are a good option to consider especially if you want to continue feeling good throughout the nine months. Let us look at some benefits and advantages of prenatal yoga.

Benefits and advantages of yoga

Just like other prenatal and before-birth preparations, yoga is also one. It relaxes the body, helps it become more flexible to accommodate the birthing process, and helps in controlled breathing. Some benefits that prenatal yoga has on the mother, as well as the baby, are:

  • Helps reduce lower back pain, which is very common among pregnant women
  • Reduces headaches as well as helps with shortness of breath
  • Increases flexibility as well as strength of the muscles which is necessary for the birthing process
  • Helps in calming the mind thus reducing stress and anxiety
  • It also makes the muscles tired but the body relaxed which helps the mother to have a good night’s rest

Exercises and activities that happen in these classes

How Can Prenatal Yoga Classes Singapore Make Your Pregnancy Better?

Prenatal yoga classes Singapore focus on a variety of different exercises and techniques, that help calm the body and mind. Some of them include:

  • Breathing exercises: One of the most common focuses of these yoga classes is to train you to control your breathing. This helps calm your body and also increases the oxygen levels in the blood. This is also helpful during labor and birthing.
  • Stretching: Though your instructor will not put you in the asanas which you might have commonly heard of; there will be general stretching. These poses and stretches are safe for the baby and light on the body and provide a calming effect.
  • Relaxation: Almost every yoga session you take part in will include relaxation sessions. These involve laying or sitting in a comfortable position and chanting various mantras which help ground your body and calm your senses or it could also include focusing on your subconscious mind which will give you a sense of self-awareness.

Prenatal yoga is a great option for a lot of women. It has scientifically been proven to help women calm their bodies as well as make the labor and birthing process easier. It loosens the pubic bone and muscle thus making it easier and less painful for you to push out the baby. Also, the baby seems to be more calm and relaxed after a yoga session.

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