How Eyelash Extensions Beautify Your Overall Look

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Makeup is like warpaint for the ladies. Every day is a battle for us, women. It helps boost our confidence, make us look less haggard and more professional, and can improve our health. One of those makeups that require preparation time is false lashes or eyelash extensions. We all know how tiresome it is to put on your makeup every morning. It requires a reasonable effort to have your looks maintained, and luckily, some products are grooming a breeze!

Eyelashes treatment is excellent and comfortable. They can be prepared before leaving your home and look fantastic the whole day. Now how does an eyelash extension improve your appearance?

Emphasis on Your Eyes

Your eyes are the windows of your soul. Aside from that adage, here are other reasons why you should put emphasis on your eyes:

  • Your eyes are the main focus whenever you talk to someone.
  • Maintaining eye contact is a sign of respect and proof of attention and understanding between you and another person.

That is why it’s crucial to have your eyes well-groomed. What a person sees while maintaining eye contact consists of the eyes itself, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Therefore, you should provide attention and an extra effort to groom these parts. Having extended eyelashes will be eye-catching, making your eyes and eyebrows your next thing to see.

Eyelashes treatment

Proof of Health

Long eyelashes are related to a clean bill of health. Due to long eyelashes being captivating, the person who’ll be looking into your eyelashes will look into your eyes as well. People can sometimes determine what you’re feeling with just a look in your eyes. Doctors check your sclera (white part of the eye) each checkup to give a hint on your body’s condition. So it’s pretty obvious that other people may do the same.

More Feminine

Long eyelashes signify feminine beauty. This is embedded to us ever since ancient times, where female ancient Egyptian royalties are depicted with long eyelashes. Paintings from the Renaissance up to the Modern Period still exhibit women with well-defined eyes, thanks to nice, long eyelashes.

With men, their most striking features can be the jawline and the eyebrow, whereas women’s features are focused on the mouth and the eyes. This is an ingrained attraction between the two sexes. Having long eyelashes makes you younger and feminine, ergo, attractive to the other gender. If the attraction is not what you aim for, longer eyelashes still provide that confidence boost you may need.


Long eyelashes make you feminine and attractive. It gives emphasis to your eyes, a striking feature for any woman. Whether you want to have someone attracted or need to look professional and respectable, extended eyelashes is a must-do treatment.

Not everyone is gifted with long, voluptuous eyelashes. But given the proper treatment, those eyelashes can be yours to keep.

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