How much does an ESTA Authorization Cost?

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For some years now, nationals of some US partner countries have been able to travel on US soil for less than 90 days without a visa. If the application was free at the beginning of the installation of this system, it has become chargeable since September 2010. 37 countries can benefit from it, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France. It should be noted that ESTA is not essential for land-based inputs, such as at the United States-Canada border. To learn more about the price of an ESTA authorization, here are some important information and explanations.

The Price of an ESTA Authorization

If you plan to visit the United States in the next few months, the ESTA price is $ 14 on the official US Government website. These $ 14 can be separated in 2 parts: $ 4 for processing fees and $ 10 for authorization fees.But the cost can reach $ 70 per if you opt foranother specialized website. As the whole procedure has to be done online, it is also the case of the payment. For this purpose, you can use a credit card or the famous online payment system Paypal. Of course, every transactionis totally secure and the applicants do not risk anything by going through an authorized site which works in collaboration with the American authorities. You will just need to fill the ESTA form correctly. After that, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a second e-mail with your authorization attached. Now you can print your ESTA that will be valid for two years.

How to Avoid Extra Charges on your ESTA USA?

Like already mentioned above, the cost of your ESTA authorization on the official website is $ 14. But if you’re not careful, your US access fee may get much higher. Indeed, imagine that you misplace the access to your authorization and that you wish to modify the elements once the payment is made. You will then have to pay the full fees to re-edit your ESTA. To avoid paying the extra charges, it is therefore preferable to take your time before starting to fill the form. Verify the information submitted before validating and choose a reliable site who will check the consistency of your information. Finally, remember to always keep with you the file number that will be given to you. It will serve you in case of loss of your original authorization.

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