How to choose a bitcoin podcast

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Nowadays the internet is flooded with knowledge in all forms. There are articles books, podcasts, videos and what not. Many of these are based in emerging technologies like that of bitcoin. The amount of knowledge concerning bitcoins is so huge that it is hard to tell which one will come in handy.

Podcasts today are available on everything related to Bitcoins. You can find podcasts on Bitcoin basics, Bitcoin investments, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin exchange, and Bitcoin mining, whichever is your area of interest.

But how would you find exactly what you are looking for in this huge bitcoin podcasts list?

In order to help you out, here we have prepared a list of things you will need to look for in your podcast.

Title- The first thing you are going to look at, is obviously the title. However, titles can be misleading. Select the topic you want to know about. This will filter out much of the information since bitcoin podcast lists are available for all levels of bitcoiners. Select a few podcasts based on the titles and descriptions.

Author- Once you have selected the podcasts you would like to hear, do a little background check on the authors. Find out if they really are an authority on Bitcoins like they claim. Once you ascertain that the author is genuine and knowledgeable you can go ahead to listen to the podcast.

Number of downloads- Another factor that you can use to determine the authenticity of a podcast is the number of times it has been downloaded. If the podcast is really good, it will have a greater number of downloads.

Length- Podcasts that are too short may not contain comprehensive information. In general, podcasts are long-form audios with plenty of information. You can check the size and length of podcasts before trying to download them.

Reviews- Good podcasts get good reviews. It is a natural phenomenon. So if you are confused due to the enormous amount of Bitcoin podcast list, check out the reviews on your preferred podcasts before downloading them.

If you want to gain proper knowledge, you need to practice diligence in gathering it. So checking the above-mentioned things in a podcast will enable you to narrow down your bitcoin podcasts list a lot.

Another method would be to view some websites that are an authority on Bitcoins and check out their podcasts to avoid the hassle of looking into other lists or searching for Bitcoin podcasts yourself.

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