How to get direct entry visa for Australia?

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If you are looking forward for a direct entry to Australia then have a look at this guide. Nile migration consultants are going to get directly into Australia. The employer nomination scheme under subclass 186 is what you can look forward for. The following are the features under the scheme:

  • Direct entry scheme
  • Agreement stream
  • Temporary residence transition stream

The person who is applying for the scheme must have following eligibility:

  • The person must be nominated by an Australian employer
  • Must meet the requirements of one of the visa streams
  • People must be under 50 years of age under the temporary residence stream
  • If applying under direct entry scheme, the person should be under 45 years of age
  • The applicant must meet the qualifications and skills of language

Length of the stay under this scheme is permanent and costs around AUD 3,670.

Checklist for Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186) applicant

Check out what are the required documents for the nomination scheme under this direct entry stream visa. While you provide the information in your application make sure you have mentioned all the details. You can check out for the following documents which are mentioned below:

  • Copies of the original documents
  • Make sure you are not including the documents unless asked for it
  • The documents not in English need to be translated

Which personal documents are required for all the applicants?

You can look forward for the documents that are mentioned as below:

  • Have the photocopies of the passports that you use along with all the travel documents
  • In case of any name change in the application, you need to provide a certified copy of evidence for the same

Documents related with family relationships

Documents related with the relationships are as follows:

  • Family book having the name of both parents
  • Documents issued by court
  • Documents issued by the government
  • Copies of marriage certificate
  • Documents of proof for de facto relationship
  • Documents of the proof that the person is widowed, divorced, separation
  • Documents related with the kids for adoption, financial dependency and so on

Certificate for character

Police verification is also carried out for the applicants. You also need to provide the scanned copy for following:

  • Police checking is also carried out for 12 months
  • Police certifications are also carried out from each country

Direct entry system

Skill assessment is required when you are applying for the visa. Assessment of the skills is also issued for the subclass 485 visa. Skill assessment is derived from the work experience and other factors which are as follows:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Qualifications
  • Professional membership for the registration and licensing
  • Evidence if you are a researcher, technician or scientist
  • Pay slips
  • Detailed statement of the employer if you have worked for two years at least
  • You need to be at least 45 years of age

The Employer nomination scheme subclass 186 mentions all the above criteria which are required for getting the direct entry stream visa for Australia.

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