How to know the suitable Camping stoves

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There are multiple camping stoves in the market; what matters is your preferences, location and tradition. Most common and the best camping stove grill combo are among the following list:

Slid Fuel grill stoves

These type of camping grill include charcoal and wood burners as well as some diverse fuels from different sources. These fuels include; coal, dried corn cob, and seaweed.

Alcohol stoves

The Trangia, of course, is the most popular. The stove can either use denatured alcohol or methylated spirit as a fuel. Trangia brass burner has existed for over 80 years.

Butane and Propane types

These type of camping grill stove is so vast and widespread. There are more than can be discussed about this type of camping grill stove.

Electric BBQ

There are many places, especially in the forest where an open fire stove is not permitted, mainly because of fire risks. Other places include the apartment’s blocks or active practice restricted area. The BBQ grill is the earliest type of cooking. There is a possibility that this form of grilling was discovered even before man species.

Most places across different parts of the world don’t but buy other forms of BBQ, but instead, they create a BBQ pit. It is a kind of hole that has been dug on a piece of wood. It is then burned down into embers, and BBQ meat is suspended on top of it. This method is useful and accessible. However, it is the most dangerous method since it has a high risk of causing a fire in the forest.

Little alcohol stove

Similar to a bit of alcohol stove, it seems like a significant technology breakthrough. It is designed with lightweight and excellent single pot hot meal and drink. This small stove is perfect for hikers and backpackers.

Portable type of gas stove

This types of camping stove grill are entirely new. Firstly, it is a portable gas stove that was first designed back in the year 1954 by Chicago-Combustion-Corp. It was commonly identified as a lazy-man. It is a type of camping grill stove that use lava rock as a fuel, so, definitely, it is heavy.

It receives fuel supply from 20-pound gas plumber tank. Modern portable gas grill BBQ only weighs just a few pounds, and the little gas canister weighs lesser that one pound. The electric BBQ grill has been in existence for a more extended period. However, they are currently significant progress in popularity stakes. You will require an electrical supply. But, no problem if it is for home use.


Most of the time, an electric grill is ignored and seen to be irrelevant. But its use has been seen to be effective; it is now one of the best camping stove grill combos.

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