IGCSE math tutor in Hong Kong: strategies to get good marks

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Getting high scores on the IGCSE math test can be a challenge. However, it is important to upgrade to more advanced courses.

Here are some steps to get excellent grades in IGCSE math.

  1. Pay attention in class. Getting good grades with the help of igcse math tutor hong kong means you need to understand new concepts for yourself. Understanding is more than remembering: you must understand how the teacher got the answer, not just remember. If you understand how to find a solution to the problem, you will be ready to answer the question correctly on the exam.
  1. Do all your homework. Homework is often assigned to reinforce what you learn in the classroom. You need this reinforcement! The best way to learn IGCSE math concepts is by ib tutor hk so you can remember them quickly during the exam is to practice, practice and practice! This is basically what homework is for.
  1. Remember where it is needed. Yes, I know, I just said that understanding is more than remember. But there are some things you should remember. Some good ways to remember the things you need to remember are: 1) a summary sheet on which you write the key concepts you need to remember, and 2) cards on which you write the key concepts on the cards. Here are some ideas on how to use these storage tools:
  1. a) Review sheet. During the training, look for the key concepts you need to remember to solve problems and understand the concepts. Write them on the summary sheet. Do it manually! Do not use a computer, copy or paste something like that. Why is this? Because the very action of writing notes that you need to remember will help keep them in your brain, ready to leave when you need to remember them!
  1. b) cards. Cards are one of the best ways to remember basic mathematical concepts. Write them in the form of a question or suggestion with a missing key concept, such as a questionnaire. Then write the answer on the back.
  1. Check regularly, don’t cram. You must complete additional training at the time you are studying a new mathematical concept. This is due to how your brain works. New concepts come into your short-term memory in the classroom or when you first learn the concept. Then, you should review this concept in a few hours to move it from your memory in the short term to medium term.
  1. Get enough sleep and exercise. Now that you know how your brain remembers new mathematical concepts, you can probably understand why sleeping and exercising are enough. You need this brain to be in good shape! Adequate sleep helps you focus, and exercise also helps clean your brain. This does not mean that you must be lazy or depend on exercise until your studies are impaired.

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