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The digital media is advancing with latest technologies and there are different inventions, concepts and services arrive day by day. Most of the advanced technologies are widely useful for the people in different ways to different extent. The advanced technologies are beneficial as it makes the things easier for the people. When it comes to the digital world there are a lot of advancements to consider and the one of the famous and most useful technology is digital currencies. The term itself suggests that the currency used online for trading and business is called digital currencies.  The currency that is secured with cryptography techniques for secured transaction and not to produce further units is called crypto currency.


Crypto currency has become famous among many business people and among those that get involved in huge and frequent money transactions. There are a lot of benefits to discuss about Crypto currency as there is liberty in transaction this currency. Usually online transactions take some time and there are a lot of intermediaries in each transaction. Moreover transaction charges are charged as per the amount of transfers and purchase. The money that is transferred from one account to another account or the money charged for a purchase is taken from respective account of the person where the person has paid the physical cash. There are a lot of people around the cash stored in the account especially when it comes to online transactions.


In case of digital currencies such as Crypto currency, the cash is purely digitalized. Digital currencies are bought and used for transactions therefore the fees charged for the transactions are really low compared to the usual transactions. Crypto currency is entirely secured with cryptography algorithm and here there is no chance for creating additional units. The main reason for business people, bankers, and traders to support and utilize the crypto currency is that there is no centralized hold in it. Because of the decentralization, it is easy to use, and transactions are made faster in secured manner.


Crypto currency zeroes the chance of counterfeit. It is ticklish for the hackers to hack the data base of ledgers of this currency as each currency and its transactions are encrypted with public and private keys. The ledger is publicly stored and maintained but the identity of the owner of the currency is completely secured using encryption techniques.


The balance available to spend, the transactions and expenses and other details can be viewed through the provided software. Regarding checking the details of the transactions, only the person that is owner of the currency will be able to check it and other person will be able to check any details. Electronic signature is used in the digital wallets as the transaction is done between two wallets.

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