JC 1 Math Tuition Singapore – Rekindle Your Child’s Interest in Math

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It is common to see students performing very badly in Math, and with no surprise, they hate the subject. However, if you look close, you will see the same students who used to love the subject in the primary. The problem arose as they went to higher standards because of academic workload and other reasons. If your child is also finding it hard to solve Math, you need jc1 maths tuition singapore and see the results in your child’s performance.

Finding tuition classes

There are many Math tuition classes, but not everyone provides the same level of teaching. It is vital to pick the best tuition classes for your child. Sure, it might seem a daunting task. If you are here, let’s make everything a bit easy for you.

AO Studies is one of the platforms that provide the best tuition classes to students. The lessons provided aid students to learn better.

Programme structure

Here is how the lessons are planned and conducted to promote better learning outcomes:

jc1 maths tuition singapore

  • Reteaching and tutorials

The tropical concepts are reintroduced in this with highlights on key strategies to solve questions. Students then solve questions of various kinds with guidance from the tutor. It helps them know about their weak points and mistakes they make. Every student is monitored closely.

  • Revision drills

Revision is important to retain what students learn in the class. In revision drills, students are provided worksheets and notes that cover an entire topic. Every worksheet is designed to eliminate the mistakes student usually make. HOTS are also included in the worksheets to enable students to think harder and solve challenges.

Classroom activities

The activities provided at AO studies while you attend jc1 maths tuition singapore are listed below:

  • Examination practice

In the tuition programme, timed tests are conducted from time to time to give students an idea about the exam situations. It helps in managing time effectively during exams. The tests and practices clarify the topics individually.

  • Assignments and homework

Specially designed assignments and past-year question papers from the JCs often help the students to do the timely practice. The homework is marked carefully to give students the scope of improvement.

  • Strategies to be adopted

The 3-hour question paper can be difficult to attend. At AO Studies, students are taught the strategies to complete the paper within the given time limit. The skills are developed to the highest level.

Wait for nothing now and help your kid have a clear understanding of everything in Math. After all, it is just a subject and doesn’t need to be so hard.

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