Learn The Advantages Of A Dust Monitoring Equipment

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Air and water are essential elements of nature necessary for our survival. Their purity in the environment decides the health condition of the people residing at a place. Hence, it is required to maintain the quality of air at all places we live and visit. However, the air quality is degrading with every passing day due to elevating levels of pollution in the environment. The lack of trees, exhaust from automobiles, and the tremendous amount of dust from construction sites are mainly responsible for air pollution.

Though one can not totally eliminate or control air pollution, we can definitely keep the air quality at our places in check. It is possible to check the air quality around you through dust monitoring equipment or an air quality meter that determines the purity of air under various parameters. Hence, let us understand more about these versatile air quality meters.

How does an air quality meter work?

An air quality meter is a device used to check the air quality of a place. It consists of various components such as sensors, detectors, and piezoelectric monitors. These components measure various parameters, such as temperature, humidity, percent RH, wet bulb temperature, dew point, outdoor air calculations, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, and carbon dioxide levels in the air. One can measure the occupant’s thermal comfort through these parameters and use real-time accurate measurements to eliminate air quality issues and ensure a healthy indoor environment. Hence, it is how dust monitoring equipment works.

What are the various air quality meters available in the market?

There are numerous types of air quality meters available in the market depending on the accuracy and reliability they promise to the customers in measuring various parameters to test the air quality indoors.

Here are some air quality meters worth trying to ensure a healthy environment.

  • P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter 8525: this air quality equipment detects and counts ultrafine particles in the air. These particles are smaller than one micrometer.
  • Sling psychrometer: it determines the relative humidity levels in the air with complete accuracy.
  • Formaldemeter: it is an air quality meter that gives precise, three-parameter monitoring to ensure low levels of formaldehyde vapors which are hazardous under extreme temperature and humidity.
  • IAQ-Calc Meter (7515/ 7525/ 7545): this air quality meter is used for measurements of Co2, humidity calculated dew point, temperature, wet bulb temperature, percentage outside air, and carbon monoxide levels in the air.

Hence, one can choose the air quality meter according to their requirements and get clean air in the environment.

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