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You all are aware of the fact that car servicing method? If I am not wrong in today’s scenario due to trending level of technologies there are various types of cars. This century in which we live has been drastically changing. Every single home whether it from mediocre family or classy ones have their cars. Now the servicing is that most important. Everywhere in India or outside it the servicing is done for motor vehicle. Here I am going to discuss about the services done in Fontana in California.

What actually service means?

You should be well versed about the types of services. There are actually two types of services.

  • Minor vehicle service: – This includes the minor issues faced related to cars. It takes hardly 15 minutes to do this. Similarly minor car service in Fontana requires the following:
  • Replacing oil and oil filter.
  • Checking of air conditioner.
  • Check air and fuel filter.
  • Check lights and tires.
  • Check the washers.
  • Check the test cooling system.
  • Check the brakes and fluid.
  • Major vehicle service: – This includes the major issues faced. They are mentioned below. This takes almost one hour to check.
  • Check for safety inspection.
  • Check the brakes.
  • Check external engine belts.
  • Check tires and pressure.
  • Test the cooling system.
  • Changes all Tran’s line oils.

Full-Service details

It is important to go for a regular checkup for doctors and make sure everything is running good. Similarly, it goes for our car also. Cars need service by which they keep it running reliably and safely. If you have any doubt in your mind that which type of service your car requires then be sure to check your manufacturer guidebook. In Fontana few of most popular services for car that they provide are as follows:

  • Ultimate and deluxe wash- It is the famous wash in southern California. By this the tire shine, inside wipe down, clean rims etc are the characteristics.
  • Exterior- Its comes under the deluxe wash. It gives clay bar treatment and premium carnauba wax on all paint surfaces.
  • Interior- It’s also comes under deluxe wash. It cleans all panels, hot water extraction on carpet.


You should always ask your mechanic beforehand to check out the car. Whether you live in southern California or America. It is the way to have and live healthy life. If you have a habit of manually get checked your car as a routine. Then you can definitely save time money. You can be aware of any wrong deeds. It is actually a good idea to stay in touch with your mechanic. If you have any doubts then check your manufacturer guidebook.

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