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Family Furniture is a promising family-owned business that provides all kinds of furniture to home. There are wide ranges of products that are being made available in addition to the successful services that they provide to the public. It is located in Okeechobee Blvd, and is believed to be a go-to shop for all the home furniture needs.

  • Products & Services:

Family Furniture has the best mattress for all the age groups, matching with the seasonal changes. It also gives its customers an option to have customized sets that will match exactly their needs for the hour. There are over 100 top manufacturers that are available in the store and they provide various offers with each brand. The furniture is manufactured in such a way, that they are durable, stylish, with both traditional and modern touch, and affordable to all the classes of the society.

The services offered at the furniture store are different and they make sure their customers are attended with and given a full description of the product and details regarding any offers for the same. The staffs do brainstorming sessions with the customers and understand what kind and in what conditions they want a mattress. They also help in choosing the color, fabrics, style and other accessories that might be needed.

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  • About the mattresses:

The Family furniture provides the best mattress with sizes varying from Twin, Full size, Queen and King size. They give ultimate comfort and flexibility for a good sleep. It comes with a comfy setup wherein the mattress is largely distributed. They have a firm base and the coil system underlying it helps to reduce the motion felt on the surface. They come up with temperature handling and also good for the back. It comes with a box top, pillow top and other types of comfort. The mattresses also consist of innerspring, memory foam and a type of gel that comes in best quality and brands at affordable prices that are not available even in big shops. And according to Family Furniture, that is a big deal.

  • Other services:

In addition to providing furniture, they also give various offers for their products. With low prices, they ensure that Family Furniture is among the best in the United States of America. One of its unique product is Financing and leasing options. The customers are given with various finance options that will help them to make payment as per their choice, without losing the customers. Also, the Family Furniture store provides a credit facility that has 90 days buyout option, including convenient monthly payment, the credit line where it can be used whenever necessary in the future without any expiration date.

Family Furniture has got all the facilities to be the best place to shop for home furniture and it is a one-stop solution for all home needs.

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