Nature is itself a best physician

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Nature has given us a lot many things whether it is furniture, resources, beauty, green surroundings, medicines, rubber, etc. But we humans have forget to appreciate what nature has given to us and while providing us comfort, it itself is deteriorating day by day. Most of the medicines are provided by nature to us and without the resources we are getting from nature, we do not stand anywhere. Tourist come to India to see it’s greenery in hilly areas and in India hill stations are the places where you will 60% tourist as this type of beauty cannot be find in other countries. The economy of India is increasing only because of nature, and best utilization is been done by humans through world class technology but on the same time humans are also ruining these resources and wasting them.

To cure dangerous diseases, most of the plants are used to prepare medicines and due to their strong chemical compound which act against fungi, bacteria, germs, etc.

Making of medicines from plants and herbs was started by Sumerian Civilization. All the formulae to make medicines were made on a clay tablet and it was found with around 850-1000 type of formulae. This was the discovery of medicines done in ancient times.

Nature is itself a best physician

Types of medicines we get from plants

Bael is the tree and the leaves of this tree are very much useful for curing diarrhea. Tulsi is very much common in every Indian’s courtyard and this plant’s leaves are used in herbal expectorant all over the world and is also used to cure cold, cough, loss of appetite and bronchitis. Peppermint also known as pudina is mainly popular due to its taste. Many  type of soft drinks are prepared with it which are fresh and good in taste. The main work of this plant in medicines is to cure indigestion and healing bruises. Neem is one of the most famous plant used as medicines to cure skin problems and it is one of the most valuable herb. Then comes cinnamon is used to cure fever, cardiac disorder, bronchitis and even asthama. These are the normal plants from which we get medicines.

New invention in medical field

Now if we talk about the 8 constitutional medicine, they are the best medicine discovery done till date. These 8 constitutional medicines work on 8 dynamic orders between 12 type of human organs which are the heart, the lungs, the kidney, the pancreas, the small intestine, the stomach, the bladder, the gall bladder, the liver, the large intestine, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. So these type of medicines are doing allot of functions together and are healing the disorders quickly so that these medicines can become more popular and more people can utilize them with the help of advancements done in technology.

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