Prepare various varieties by using prawns

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Prawns are the one which will be liked by everyone. Some people like to have it as their starter and some people will like to have it as main course. You can make any type of the item and definitely it would become favourite to all the persons. In some restaurants they hire the chef’s only to cook prawns. This will show how much care they are taken to prepare the prawns so that the customers those who have ordered this item. These prawns are very delicate and if you handle if roughly then there would be some damage that will occur to these prawns. So you need to be very careful while preparing sambal prawn. Before preparing the prawns you need to clean them properly without getting damage to it. The scales that are present on the outer body will have to be removed very carefully without getting damage to the prawn. There will be some wastage that is present in the body has to be cleaned very neatly. Any of the wastage should not be left in the prawns as it will affect the taste of the prawns. These points that you need go very careful and any mistake that has happened during this process will effect you entire taste of your dish.

sambal prawn

Know the method of preparing prawns.

  • Prawns are the one which you need to take special care while preparing them. This is because of the tenderness of the prawn that makes you to deal with some special care.
  • If you prepare this sambal prawn in a right way then would become favourite food item for most of the people.
  • If you are preparing starters then you need to take care on the crispiness that you will usually get on the outer surface of the prawn.
  • The prawn should not be over cooked because the entire taste of the food will be spoiled not only wastage of good but also there is wastage of money too.
  • By taking up the above mentioned precautions then you can be able to prepare the best variety of prawns. Making of prawn will be little bit difficult in the initial days but once you know the technique of mixing and handling then you will love the way of cooking.


Please note all the above mentioned points and follow them carefully while preparing prawns to get the best taste of it.

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