Reviews – Important Tips before You Buy a product

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Ecommerce Industry is booming by every passing day and is here to stay as it offers convenience and comfort of buying and selling anything by the click of a button. These days you can do practically do everything from the comfort of your house – buy grocery, apparels, sell your car, hire a tutor and even finalize on a wedding hall just by surfing on a few websites and getting the details online. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the ecommerce phenomenon has benefited nearly everyone involved in it. Who would think that selling your 10 year old car would be so easy or buying a Beach side Condo would be as simple as buying a Refrigerator. That’s what the E-commerce industry has enabled the consumer today – the liberty to search for best product, compare prices and services and finally buy online at their own convenience. But before you finalize your product and order, you need to keep few things in mind. Research companies like Review connection offer reviews about nearly every product and service.

So what are the things you need to keep in mind while buying a product:

Read Reviews given by the customers who have bought the product. If you are unsure about a new website or a new brand that has been launched, just check for the reviews and make sure you take your decision basis the reviews only. Recent studies reveal that approx. Eighty eight percent of people believe in online reviews just like they would believe in their own friend or acquaintance. And that is the reason why websites like Review connection are becoming increasingly popular amongst people. Also check the date of the review, when the review was given and what was the rating.


Generally a four star rating would work best to nail down on the decision making process, but don’t ignore a three star rating completely. You need to equate the ratings with the number of people who have given that rating as well. For eg: if a four star rating for a new restaurant in town has been given by only 50 people; that holds no water as against a three star rating given by 5123 people for an old seasoned restaurant which has been functional since long. The more the number of reviews means the more happy satisfied people the company has managed to create. So just, don’t falsely follow the rating bandwagon.

Ratings generally give a good boost to the business. A recent study shows that over 30,000 businesses have had a boost in their sales performance after adding their positive user reviews to their sites. But completely relying on online reviews is also not a healthy sign of buying. You also need to build your trust factor and brand loyalty with a particular brand.

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