Seatac Airport Map: A Basic Overview

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Seattle Tacoma International airport is one of the prominent commercial airports at Seattle Metropolitan Area, in the State of Washington at United States of America. It is also the largest airport in Pacific North-Western region ofNorthAmerica. Seatac airport is owned and operated by the Port of Seattle. Reading of the seatac airport map points the location as 14 miles south of Downtown Seattle and 18 miles North East of Downtown Tacoma. The airport has flights and connections to main cities throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Seatac Airport Map

From the seatac airport map, the following main feature of the airport is easily observed:

  • There are three parallel runways running in north-south directions whose runway length ranges from 2600-3600m long.
  • The new control tower was built 233ft (71m) above ground level with a total height of 269 ft (82m) and area of 850 sq.ft which can be operated by ten controllers and can be expanded to fifteen in the future.
  • There are a total of 80 gates on 4 concourses and two satellite buildings. Concourse A has got16 gates, Concourse B 12 gates, Concourse C 13 gates and Concourse D 11 gates. North Satellite has 10 gates and SouthSatellite 14 gates.
  • Concourses are connected post-security, enabling passengers to move about without leaving the secured area.
  • The two satellite buildings are named north satellite and south satellite buildings and is connected by the four concourses in the main building by a three-lined automated people mover system known as Satellite Transit System.

Seatac Airport Map

The best ways to move across the airport

  • The South Train Loop running between the main terminal South station and the B & S Gates.
  • The North Train Loop running between the main terminal North station and the C and N gates.
  • The shuttle train running between North & South Terminal Stations with connections to N&SGates.
  • Between N gates & S gates:Take the train from South or North Satellite to the Main Terminal.

Then cross over and take the train on the opposite side, which is the shuttle that runs at post-securitybetween the North satellite station and the South satellite station.
Between South Satellite & Concourse C: Take first the train from the South Satellite to the Main Terminal.

Then cross over to the shuttle to the North Transit Station, from there cross again to the train at the opposite side to the end of Concourse C.

  • The parking lot is located to the south of the main block.

Misreading of seatac airport map

A recursive problem occurring in reading the seatac airport map is themisidentification of the westernmost taxiway, Taxiway Tango as a runway.

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