Spooky Wonder Woman: Halloween Styling Tips

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It is really obvious how Halloween is fast approaching, that means you need to prepare the spookiest yet the most stylish and trendiest costume to wear.

You can either be there as a ghost Disney princess, a Pocahontas from the dead. Or Princess Ariel with fried fins. Or your favorite superhero who will save the day. That could be a wonder woman or Superman.

Either which, it is best to choose the best Halloween costume outfit accordingly. If you opt to be a wonder woman peg, then you got to make sure you get— perhaps— a wonder woman tshirt with a wonder woman bandanna and sword. Now, that sounds really amusing and outgoing.

If you have finally make up your mind in showing up as Gal Gadot a.k.a Diana, the wonder woman then it is also best to choose the best Halloween getup aside from a wonder woman tshirt.
Wonder Woman Styling Tips 

If you are someone who is very particular with styling and getups then you have come at the right blog post.

We all know that, one way or another, one of the reasons you love going out parties on the Halloween day because it lets you win amazing prices by showing up in your best look. Or perhaps you will be able to get the most huge treats if you get there the spookiest yet the loveliest.

Well, today’s spooky styling tip will be of how to make yourself the best Halloween appropriate wonder woman. Check out this styling tips below!

1 Get a wonder woman bandanna and wrist armors. You need to show up like you are the real Diana, the wonder woman. Getting a wonder woman bandanna is the best idea you can ever come up with. If you wanna look simple,you can just put on a bandanna a long silky black robe and show off your wrist armor. Or otherwise, you can play it with a white robe and then be the white lady wonder woman.

2 Curl your hair and hire the best makeup artist (or do it yourself). We all know Diana, the wonder woman has the perfect beach wave curls. So make sure that you either curl your hair or get a curled wig to complement your look. You also have to put makeup on transforming yourself into the wonder-woman like face. As a twist, you can be the wonder-woman with wounds on the face to make it really spooky and Halloween appropriate. Or you can be there at your prettiest making them ghosts and monsters bow down to the goddess. 

3 Get a wonder woman tshirt. Basically going there simple can be a good thing too. You can put on a cute tight skirt and a wonder woman tshirt with a playful ponytail. You can also say things like “oh this not Harley Quinn” this is wonder woman got bad on Halloween.

4 Don’t forget the boots. Well, wonder woman wouldn’t be more of a wonder woman without her drop-dead gorgeous boots! So make sure you pack one for the Halloween gala.

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