What Are Confinement Meals?

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Confinement meals are specially designed plates by expert nutritionists, that is given to specially confined patients. The tradition of confining patients has been going on for centuries, as the ancient Chinese started this tradition.

What are confinement meals?

Confinement meals, as mentioned above, are nutritional foods given by a health care worker, or a nurse, to a woman who has just delivered a baby. It was started by the Chinese where a woman who had just delivered, was taken into confinement and treated with care so that the baby grows up properly nourished.

It was a postmortem recovery plan that was started because of the fact that the individual woman who would deliver the baby, would become very fragile and pale, due to the loss of so many bodily fluids. The mere process of delivering a baby exerts so much stress on the mother’s body that it causes several toxins to grow inside the body just after the baby is delivered.

Were confinement meals started because of this cause?

Yes, it was very essential for the woman to remove all the toxins that have been gathering inside her body by taking a complete break from everything and healing herself with proper food and nutrition.

This process was turned into a confinement system where this person was kept for a certain period of time, inside a hospital or their own house. It was done with a health care worker that would eat, sleep and stay with them 24/7, and take care of all their needs.

confinement meals

As mentioned before, this tradition was started by the Chinese, and the tradition has been going on for centuries.  Different countries have their traditions, cultures and rules regarding this confinement process.

Confinement meals were started because the tradition itself holds a very important place inside the society as it is very crucial for the upcoming generation to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

New mothers, who have just delivered their first baby, are often ignorant about certain details regarding motherhood. They must understand what they need to do, and how they need to take care of the baby so that the baby becomes healthy. Confinement meals properly nourish new mothers, as they haven’t experienced anything like this before in their lifetime. They might get morbidly sick which would affect the baby, which is something we do not want to happen.

That is exactly why we need to focus on the nourishment requirements of a new mother with the help of confinement meals.