Everything You Need to Know About Cool Dab Pens

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Have you ever tried dabbing? Wait, wait! This dabbing is not the form of dance that you know. It’s consuming cannabis concentrates. The vaporizers help to do so. But what’s the role of a dab pen here? So, the cool dab pens act as a vaporizer for the dabs. It uses THC concentrates that give you high and vigorous smoke. Isn’t it cool!

What will you find inside a dab pen?

These are similar to pens which we use to write. But here, instead of ink, you will find a coil, a chamber, and a battery inside it. And you do not use it to write but use it to smoke. The dab pen’s chamber works as a hanger to hold the dab and the coil. The melting coils vaporize the dab with the help of the battery. However, you can also recharge these pens if required.

The main thing about a dab pen

  1. Now, you very well know that dab pens vaporize dabs. You have to put in it the dabs and then sit back to watch it work. It will simply vaporize the dabs within a few seconds and, the beautiful dabs will give you a clean and thick smoke.
  2. Cool dab pens
  1. Cleaning these pens is a must. They get dirty after every single use. It is because of the way they are loaded. So, clean them regularly to avoid the overloading of residues. Moreover, cleaning can also prevent it from ruining the pure flavors of the smoke. Remember not to use water for cleaning. It has a battery inside, so be careful. Do not damage the coil as well. You can reuse the residue build-up on the sides.
  2. While loading the dab, keep it standing straight. The concentrates get thin because of the heat inside the chamber. It might leak out and will create a sticky mess on the sides.
  3. The last thing to keep in mind is to use the dab in the correct quantity. You have to know the tolerance level of the pens. The exact amount of dab will make you fly high.
  4. Requirements of a dab pen

The only thing required in it is the dabs. Whether the dab is in a crumbled, shuttered, or honeycomb, it should be in THC concentrate form. The concentrate is melted in the chamber of the dab pens, which further gives sweet flavors to you.