Why you need CPR certification?

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It is a must for an individual to learn CPR so that he or she will be able to save lives of one or more people who have an unexpected heart attack and this technique helps blood and oxygen to flow and thus it increases the chances of survival of people who suffer a cardiac arrest.

The below given a few of the best reasons to get a cpr certification.

1. Save lives – This is the number one reason and a research says that heart disease is the leading cause of death in world and if one knows to perform CPR, lives of any can be saved. It is a sad fact that almost 90% of people who suffer from a cardiac attack outside a hospital are losing their lives. Therefore, it can improve the chance of survival of people.

2. Anyone can learn – Many who have encountered heart attack are dying outside the hospital, as there is no one to perform CPR in to order to save their lives. With a perfect training and effective practice, lives of many can be saved by even one.

3. No Brain death – Since 5 to 6 minutes, after the heart stops to breathe, brain death can occur. By performing CPR, one can help the blood to flow throughout the body and also helps oxygen to supply to brain and other parts as well. Thus, there is better chance for a victim to recover and also help the brain of a person to function.


4. Leader – When you have learnt to perform this technique, you will be made smarter as you have learnt something that you have never known before. This cardiac arrest may occur at any place and also the victim has no idea of when it will take place and may not know any risk factor.

5. Online class – These classes will be true fun and really interactive and these days you will be able to learn cpr online, as there is so many internet classes and they teach how to execute this procedure properly.

6. Comfort – Knowing first aid and CPR courses for lifesaving skills can help improve patient comfort during a medical emergency. Learning these invaluable tools can help you stay calm, feel less anxious and more at ease with the patient.

7. Prevent worsening – If a person is not given immediate first aid treatment during emergency situation, then there is chances of their symptoms to get worsen. When you have undergone training and certified, then you can perform CPR until emergency medical services arrive.

Therefore, practicing or getting trained in CPR can make a difference in the lives around you.

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