The appropriation by the inhabitants

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The preceding overview shows the limits of imported or exogenous models, whether technological innovations or models of social organization. There is no panacea; so-called universal systems most often result in “white elephants” or “orphan factories,» In the absence of adequacy and appropriation; Added to this is the rejection of neo-colonialism. Faith in the power of penetration of a universal model comes up against realities on the ground. The policy of the supply of equipment results in visions disconnected from the field, due to a lack of knowledge of the context, the application environment, social aspirations and local needs, the diversity of geographic and social spaces.

Appropriate technologies require characterizing the waste, its composition, and the areas. However, junk removal melbourne fl the proposed techniques are often supposed to work on their own. It also results in significant maintenance problems. Mimicry vis-à-vis technologies from wealthy industrial countries are ineffective. The same is true for the health aspects: waste management indeed refers to hygiene issues, but this results in imported standards and reflective discourse. Epidemiology is not only a biomedical science but also a social science. While cleanliness depends on the looking eye, hygiene,

From exogenous to endogenous

Speeches  such as “Close the lid of the trash can and we’ll do the rest “are untenable. The municipal officials need the participation of the inhabitants, the support of civil society. However, calls for civic responsibility have very little chance of being heard in communities where the State is omnipresent and where the most significant efforts are asked of those who are least able to provide them.

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Between the public authorities and civil society, an alliance is to be built. For there  to be cleanliness, there must be a social appropriation of collective spaces, whether it be the street or the neighborhood; otherwise, it is the “person” space, or else the (central power in Morocco); as a corollary, it is up to him to deal with it. Non-appropriation results in a lack of maintenance and in “wild” releases; the “black dots “multiply and enlarge, because “junk attracts junk. For the success of an innovation, we cannot make a clean sweep of the existing; ignore local powers (including customary), mentalities, and history.

For the researcher, an epistemological posture is required. In any case, account must be taken of the cultural, which cannot be “inert. You must first count on your own strength. Help yourself; heaven will help you”). In this regard, poor people often show great inventiveness to meet their needs with makeshift means. Beyond “getting by,” we must strive to promote endogenous development; local knowledge and endogenous capacities for self-organization should not be underestimated.

First, we can emphasize the importance of neighborhood relationships. Where neighbors do not get along, cleanliness is strongly affected. The lane lined with dwellings and shops), junk removal melbourne fl as well as the interior of the slum (including the internal circulation spaces), are generally clean because they are spaces subject collective ownership; In addition, there is mutual surveillance between neighbors.