The best shelving options for your home office

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When setting up a home office, the shelving you choose can make a huge difference to the comfort and productivity of your space. Read on for the best home office shelving ideas that can create an effective home office.

Display Shelf

A display shelf can work to help you display important items while also organizing clutter. The linear design of a sleek display shelf works on a functional and aesthetic level. These types of shelves can have open spaces and compartments to create an artistic effect. This might be too modern for some people, but it is a great option if you want a contemporary office. John Lewis has a wonderful option right now called the Design Project.

Parquet Bookcase

Using a bookcase as a shelf is another great idea for a modern office. Ireland shelving can include iron as well as wood for the material, as metal can be lightweight. M&S currently stock a shabby chic version and this industrial look can be perfect for many offices. It holds stationery and files and leaves plenty of space for books and folders.

Ladder Shelf

An innovative idea is to use a ladder as a shelf. This can be propped against the wall and ideally nailed into place for stability. This type of shelf works for a minimalist room and is better for displaying rather than storing large items. You could use this for displaying plants, photos, certificates or other small pieces that need organizing.

Whether you are looking for an Ireland shelving company or experts elsewhere, you should easily be able to find a company to help with your home office shelves. Whatever type of shelf you want, you should be able to find the perfect solution online. When you have the perfect shelving solution, this can propel you to get on top of your office work. It can even help you formulate an effective home filing system, using the shelves as space for files.

Cube Storage Unit

A modern cube storage unit is perfect for displaying and storing all types of items. The design holds everything in its own cube space, allowing you to place drawers inside or leave them open. Ornaments can mingle with folders and photos. M&S stock a unit that comes in many finishes including beech, oak, white gloss and matte paint.

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