The Future of Technology

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Hong Kong is a highly developed country, exhibiting many innovations and developments in many industries. There are a number of institutes, and facilities that work on developing the technology of Hong Kong. One of them is the Logistics and Supply Chain Innovators in Hong Kong. They are a research and development centre founded in 2006, they invest in many different industries like the textile industry, automotive parts, applied sciences, and more. They have been specializing in robotic materials, all of this can be seen on their site

Their technology

As they are a wide innovative company, they work on a various number of tasks that, which have become successful. Most of them are based on robots, and their working nature. One of them is the robotic preparation device, it helps workers in the production process as it helps to assemble the product. So, the hard-labour intensive tasks are minimized in a large proportion. Which is great as workers have less stress on themselves and are more can focus on more jobs rather than just one. This is what the LSCM does, it makes things easier for everyone and everyone around them, saves time, and ensures that it is safe to use the

            This is not their only well-developedtech, there is so much more. One of them is then e-cheque wallet application. It allows cheques to be sent through the internet. It replaces the physical task of going to the bank and depositing or transferring a cheque. So, the easier it is for us. Plus, an infrared thermal sensing safety alarm system for the elderly was also created. This allows the care takers to know if the elderly person is in need of help, as it scans the thermal data and lets them know if something is wrong. Another thing they have created is the smart barrier to know when debris is falling.

How to contact them ?

            Contacting the LSCM is not a hard thing. It is fairly simple, you can find all the contact details on their site, or you can email them to, this is better option if you have any information regarding any available positions, or if you cannot make to the centre as you may live overseas. Or you can try faxing them or call them.

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