The importance of your “likes” on Instagram and Facebook, explained in this post

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Instagram grew bigger and turned into what it is today because of Facebook after the latter purchased its entirety for a billion dollars a few years ago, and from there, Instagram and Facebook have synchronized both the social media giants where each user can synchronize everything from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa.

Because of that, your Instagram photos can gather more likes because it can already appear on your Facebook wall unlike before that your pictures and posts are only limited to Instagram’s relatively smaller user database. Today, your friends can freely like your Instagram photos through your Facebook and your Instagram account which increases not just the number of likes of your photos, but also your followers.

Due to the merging of Facebook and Instagram, more and more people are hooked up to their social media accounts from both Facebook and Instagram because it is easier to earn more followers, increase your photos’ likes and become popular.

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One of the main reasons why Facebook bought Instagram is to expand its reach to more social media users who have different preferences when it comes to their social media accounts. If you’re an avid Facebook or Instagram user, for sure you will do anything to gain or earn likes especially companies or businesses that try to promote their product or service to the public through social media.

People make a big deal out of the likes they earned in their posts, some even purchase like boosters that are being sold online by software developers who engineered a way to boost your likes artificially by making your Facebook and Instagram accounts appear everywhere and anyone’s accounts which makes it easier for people to notice you and follow or add you which is why the compra likes instagram 2019 (shop for Instagram likes) is very popular to a lot of people especially those who want to gain followers.

Right now, you might be thinking that why are likes so important in both Facebook and Instagram? Well, a lot of people wants to become popular and follow the footsteps of their idolized celebrity or social media star, while for some it is purely for business where they can promote their product or service easier to a wider reach, while some for a cause to raise awareness effectively considering that there are more than a billion people around the world who has either Facebook or Instagram.

It is because the person who wants to gain likes and followers in their social media account are psychologically getting more appraisals rather than getting likes from real people in real life that is why a lot of people are also making a big deal out of getting likes in these social media platforms. Some even resort to being daring and explicit just to gain more than a hundred likes in their social media accounts especially those who are not celebrities.

However, people still has a lot of sense on their mind considering that most of their likes are given to posts that have meaning in it or has a meaningful message to it especially if the picture speaks for a thousand words then no doubt it will gather more than a thousand likes in a short span of time.

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