The Modern Groom: Zirconium Men’s Wedding Rings

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Zirconium is the perfect fit!

Traditional men may lean and gravitate towards classic metals like gold and platinum for their wedding bands but modern men are attracted to unique metals that reflect their flexible, sleek and sophisticated style. The desire of modern man to look for a different design explains why zirconium wedding rings are becoming so popular these days.

Zirconium is a highly precious metal that is naturally greyish-white in colour and it is very similar to platinum. When the metal comes in contact with extreme temperatures, the surface oxidizes and develops a smooth, black coating. Most zirconium men’s wedding rings are made of oxidized metal, so most of them are black in colour.

Stylish and sleek in Zirconium:  Black zirconium rings appeal to men for their masculine, yet stylish look. Zirconium is also very malleable, which means it is easier for jewellers to work on it as compared to any other metal. As a result, there is an extensive type of zirconium ring styles. Some zirconium rings feature carbon fibre, camouflage, gold or meteorite inlays that add character and create a textured look.

Zirconium men’s wedding rings can also feature unique, laser-engraved patterns on the band. It allows men to choose a ring with a pattern that is deeply meaningful and personal to them. Zirconia has been recognized since long for its amazing imitation skills. In fact, the ornaments made by this metal are more flawless than the diamonds found in nature and can be cut and shaped accordingly to reflect light better than real diamonds. For consumers, zirconium stones are a prominent and affordable option. Because of the popularity of simulated stones, those who make jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, rings or pendants are designing more beautiful settings for synthetic gems. The low wholesale price of zirconia allows jewellery designers to create more elaborate and inexpensive pieces for its consumers. In addition to being able to solitaire  at wholesale or low prices, jewellery manufacturers appreciate the dazzling array of colours and cuts available for these stones.

For example, amethyst, violet and lavender zirconia are all shades of purple, while aqua and tanzanite are shades of blue. Citrine and champagne are both yellow-gold in colour, emerald and peridot green and garnet is a deep, rich red colour. Also, for instance, erbium can be added to create pink colour, or neodymium can be added to create purple. Similarly, chromium can be added to green loose dense zirconia stones and cerium can be added to make gemstones of the colours yellow, orange and red. Of course, many jewellery makers like Engagement rings direct and customers prefer bright clear dense zirconia which is why zirconia is graded according to their quality.

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