The Must-Haves of a DIY Wedding

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One of the perks of having a DIY wedding is that you can make all the decisions about the various aspects of your celebration. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to exercise your creativity and ingenuity, and it can be lots of fun to organise. If you’re feeling a little bit nervous though, never fear: with this selection of DIY wedding must-haves you can’t go wrong!

Your DIY Essentials

Alphabet stamps

You can easily pick these up on websites such as Etsy and they are very handy for making adorable doily place settings or for creating your wedding table plans.

Spray paint

If you are going with a particular colour scheme for your wedding and you want all your ornaments and accessories to be that colour, simply buy some cans of spray paint in your chosen shade and get spraying!

Permanent markers

These can come in handy in a variety of ways; for example, you can write adorable messages on plates, drink dispensers, candle holders… and even on the bottom of the bridal party’s shoes!

Handmade banners, decorations and signs

Get some of your friends and family around and have a fun-filled evening spent creating cute and quirky handmade decorations to place around your wedding venue for that extra special personal touch!


These are easy to source from your local florist or garden centre and are a simple and very effective way of adding colour, fragrance and beauty to your venue, especially if you find some pretty or quirky receptacles to keep them in. If you’re feeling a little bit nervous though, never fear: with this selection of DIY wedding must-haves you can’t go wrong!

Jam jars

Yes really! They make excellent candle holders, vases and you can even drink out of them.

Sites like Rock My Wedding are a good source for further inspiration and more DIY must-haves.

Where to go after the big day

Your big day is over and you want one last thrill so why not think about your favourite hobby and something that’s been on your bucket list by heading to a F1 Paddock Club Monaco race.  If you haven’t got any information yet or whats involved you could head over to links including

Capturing the Memories

If you’re utilising the services of a professional photographer you’ll be wanting to document all of the little personal touches that make a DIY wedding so memorable. Most wedding photographers will be more than happy to oblige, so make sure to ask!

Now you are sure of all the essentials for a DIY wedding it’s time to throw yourself into planning and then, of course, enjoy your extra special day with your new spouse, family and friends!

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