The rise of the online fish delivery industry

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Online shopping is not an alien concept. From the tiniest things like a pencil to something as big as a car, we can buy it all with the press of a button. Leaving our homes to get anything seems bizarre nowadays. These items do not go bad, but certain goods do. One of them being groceries. But is that the case? Well, not really. With options like same-day or one-day deliveries, we can order any fresh food item without being afraid of it spoiling.

What can you order online?

Vegetables, fruits, and even meat? Yes, we can buy them all online. Fresh, and to our doorstep in a flash. There are numerous websites and retail stores that deliver them at our convenience. There are also several applications based locally in one town or city which perform the same act. And since, items like fish and meat spoil quickly, they need to be delivered as quickly as possible. In recent times, there has been a certain rise in the online fresh fish delivery business and the demand just seems to increase.

online fresh fish delivery

Is it safe for consumption?

  • Big retail chains strictly monitor the items they sell, so there is a slim chance for something to go wrong.
  • Receiving the order, the same day we place it- increases our faith in the service.
  • Since the customer is King, the sellers go over and above to ensure the delivery of fresh items in a short time.

And if it so happens that one receives an item that does not stand up to their expectations i.e., spoiled food, in that case, the delivery service will fix the issue by delivering a new item and maybe even refund the amount for the inconvenience that occurred. (Differs from one seller to another, depending on their policy)

It’s growth:

The pandemic has had a positive effect on this industry. Since during lockdown, not being allowed to go out, ordering groceries online has been the way to go. Especially the online fresh fish delivery scene has seen massive growth during the time. More and more start-ups are being established for delivering them online. Prominently in the coastal areas where fish and seafood are an important staple, the businesses are flourishing. In recent news, it is also noted that a few start-ups in Gurgaon and Kerala have registered over 200 percent growth during the past year and are only on the rise.

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